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map naming thread results!

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  • map naming thread results!

    Thanks to everyone so much for participating. There were tons of great names in there, and lots of ideas that we'll be mining in the future I think.

    There were also some absolutely horrible names... but anyone who browsed the thread knows that.

    Our horribly unscientific process was as follows. A very kind tester pulled out all the names and put them into a spreadsheet. I read through them in a few mind-numbing hours, picking out names that I thought were clever, interesting, or different. I sent those sixty names to a few guys on the team, and we picked our top five:

    CTF-Icarus (been used before, but such a good fit)

    Gratz to the guys who first suggested those names (in order): thesimo, Chicken Pot Pie, Nathillien, keyrat, and SonicBlade.

    Some other really cool names we liked, but didn't think were a good fit:

    CTF-Akashalypse -- just sounds bad ass!
    CTF-BlackSun -- great nod to Neil Stephenson's Snow Crash
    CTF-EtherealDawn -- Akasha means 'ethereal' so that's cool
    CTF-WorldsEnd -- Mike the english major couldn't handle a missing apostrophe

    Okay, so we narrowed our list of five down to Icarus and OmicronDawn. And after a vote from the whole UT3 development team, the winner is...

    It's straightforward, it says what it is, it's memorable... and you can't beat alliteration. (Can I say assonance without getting banned by WarTourist?)

    Thanks to keyrat for being the first to come up with this name. This guy has made exactly one post on our forums, and it was a good one!

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    what about CTF-Rise , that was original


    • #3
      I do not agree, but I also do not make the game so...congratulations, keyrat ! (shouldn't this thread be locked ?)


      • #4
        yes i think it should be locked...

        fyi... keyrat stole the name from me.......... ok.... maybe not... but still

        Congratz keyrat.


        • #5
          YOU LUCKY RAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!m your as famous as Mickey Mouse !


          • #6
            what about ctf-darksideofthemoon :'(


            • #7
              wait- alliteration? Sure you're an english major?


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                Originally posted by [CALIBUR] View Post
                what about ctf-darksideofthemoon :'(
                Low grav with psychedelic colored lighting?


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                  Originally posted by [CALIBUR] View Post
                  what about ctf-darksideofthemoon :'(

                  Give me some time with some herb, UnrealEd, and a long night of Pink Floyd. I'll make that map

                  CTF-OmicronDawn ftw


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                    [EDIT] So... is CTF-OmicronDawn going to be in the demo? [/EDIT]


                    • #11
                      Tbh, the name is meh, but at least you guys got the important stuff out of the way. Now, back to work. I am eagerly waiting for this killer demo you promised me.


                      • #12
                        Wow, what an awful pick.


                        • #13
                          Congratulations keyrat.


                          • #14
                            sorry but i have seen mutch better names then the top 5 (and i dont mean my own i do to but :P)
                            still gratzz with your prize


                            • #15
                              If they'd mentioned they would stick with similar generic sounding names over *truely* original names I'd have come up with those 'meh'-type names... *sigh*

                              -scellotapes self to computer chair waiting for demo-

                              and it better arrive sooN! (I have work on Monday)