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    I am glad more people are with me on the 4 player split screen play on the consoles. The fact that more people want it, and are posting about it increases the chance that the people at Epic will take notice! Also hope they include bots and or online play, that you can have during the 4 player to a console games. Cause that is the reason why my friends and I have stopped playing Halo and Resistance and gone back to Nightfire and Red Faction 2 on the gamecube. Hate having a huge map and only 4 players in it so you spend 10 min trying to find someone to frag.

    But i think at least for the PS3 version, since it is open to mods, they might be able to add bots even if it isnt avalible from the start. THough i still hope they have the bots avalible from the start.


      Originally posted by KriLL3.8™ View Post
      A PC is usually situated at a desk or similar furniture and meant for one person to operate and perhaps a couple more people to watch, split screen or even using more than one screen since it's no longer rare to have more than 1 monitor hooked up to your PC would be very doable, and multi inputs could be sorted, though more than one keyboard is hard to manage unless you use totally separate keys for everything, and 2 mice would most likely be plain impossible.

      Using a gamepad in a FPS against someone with a keyboard + mouse would be horrible, one of the reasons why I'm skeptic about cross platform play, the PC players/PS3 players with keyboard+mouse would roam the map killing the Xbox360 players and PS3 players with gamepads, kinda like having half the people on the server being afk and thus the one that spawnkills the most idle people wins.

      Even if all these issues can be overcome (and I'm not certain they can) 2 people playing a game on 1 PC isn't common anymore, it was fun doing it with hotseat in the old worms titles, but nowadays most PC gaming is meant either for you to be alone or in a LAN or similar environment, where each player has his own PC, the culture surrounding PC gaming isn't the same as with console gaming, with console gaming it's common to drop by a friends house and play multiplayer/co-op using splitscreen, PC gamers bring along a laptop (or full desktop if they lack a laptop or plan to stay over the weekend or similar, it's quite common for teenagers and a bit above to meet up at a buddies house all making their parents bring along the PC in the car, (or yourself for people my age and up) or uses a secondary machine at the location do accomplish the same thing.

      Social console gaming: 2-4 blokes sitting in a sofa drinking (root) beer, social PC gaming: 2-32+ guys sitting at makeshift/permanent rows of desks with headphones drinking Coke/Jolt and cursing each other when one lands a headshot.
      And I love both social console gaming and social PC gaming. I don't think the demand for split-screen on the PC is that high due to the nature of PC-gamers. But I don't want to be discriminating, and therefore I have no reason to say no to the development of split-screen on it.

      The way I feel is that when you play console games together with friends its more like chilling out while when playing on a LAN with PCs its more hardcore gaming and you are there to just play games.

      Anyways, the matter at hand is that LAN with consoles isn't very feasible due to the nature of console gamers, and historically split-screen has been proved to be successful on them. Therefore I predict that it will be much appreciated on a UT3 console edition.

      Also about the controllers vs mouse/keyboard there should be no problem having a server setting that disallows these for a particular game. However, it should also be noted that there are as of now unofficial products which looks like a PS3 controller in the console, but is in reality a mouse.


      This means that there will be no fair play even on the same console (so cross platform gaming is not a problem). I can only see that either this will continue to happen and people will be forced to use unofficial gear, or Sony will add some kind of protection against it (hardly believable).


        As for a 4-player split screen, that makes no sense at all. Why would anyone want to squeeze all that action onto a single TV screen is beyond me. Talk about trying to shoot dots on a screen... What is the problem with using multiple TVs? If you have neither the space available or funding to purchase, how is that the developers' problem?
        Dude have you never played any games on older consoles before online became so prevalent?? Games like Golden eye and heck even mario kart did it and that was one of the best things was just inviting your friends over and laying waste to them or grouping up to take out the bots in diffrent games like deathmatch and assault. By the way don't be a donkey's brown eye, female cleansing product, and try to to change this into something stupid like how much money you have or space available. Its all about bringing back a feature that never should have been dropped!


          Valcore, I like how you avoided the use of certain words.

          4-player splitscreen in Goldeneye haha brings back memories. When you couldn't figure out where your buddies were hiding all you needed to do was look at their quarter of the screen.