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    I consider myself to be a true UT fan as I did back in the day that UT99 first came out on PC & Sega Dreamcast. It was the first UT games I bought to try out on my old PC and my Sega Dreamcast but the PC version was better . I've also bought Unreal, Unreal 2, UT2k3/4, UC1/2, and UT3


      WOW!! Biggest NecroBump EVER!!! 5 years!!! Ouch!

      Anyway. I had the first 3 but they are long lost from my childhood now. I currently have UT 3 Black Edition on PC & the xbox 360 edition. If you want the Black Edition on PC then buy the standard game code cheap from any retailer (get the best price you can find!) and then register it on Steam & you will automatically get the Black Edition at no extra cost!!


        Originally posted by DJ CARNIV AL View Post
        WOW!! Biggest NecroBump EVER!!! 5 years!!! Ouch!
        Not just the biggest necrobump; there's a UT2004 sub-forum that just necrobumping in the last 7-9 years.


          I started with Unreal in 1998 and played both the single player and co-op then 1999 Ut came out I played in clans and anywhere i could then Ut2004, Unreal awakening, Ut3, been there and played this game for over 15 years and just got my first social security check **** how time flies when you are having fun... Best PC gamer evar! UT99


            1998-1999 --> U1 single player (no Internet)
            1999-2001 --> UT1 single player (no Internet)
            2002-2005 --> UT1 multiplayer (first modem, next cable connecting)
            2003-2005 --> UT2k3/2k4 little (don't like this games)
            2005-2007 --> UT1 single player (no Internet)
            2008-2012 --> UT3 multiplayer
            Now wait at U3/UT4

            Sometimes play U1 Gold or UT1 with single player mods, like ONP, Nali Chronicles.