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4 Teams in UT3?

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    Originally posted by ScottUT View Post
    I made 4 team colors for vehicles in 2k4. It cant be that bad, can it?
    You shouldn't have to "make" team colors for vehicles, it should really be a color parameter on the material itself so a MaterialInstanceConstant created dynamically at runtime would be all there is to even support custom vehicles!
    I like things to be neat and either having to create textures or special materials per vehicle just seems stupid with all the incredible power offered by the material editor. Not to mention it would only work with stock vehicles.


      Originally posted by ZixXer View Post
      ut2004 doeshave a mod that suport TDM with 4 teams and CTF with 4 teams
      and more
      i know becaus i made a map that is in that mod CTF4-AnubisResurrection
      u can dl the mod at the link under this post in my name!
      Correct, though it differs a bit from the original UT-version with 4-CTF!
      I really hope this comes back as a MOD but with exactly the same rules
      as with UT99, that would kick ***


        But it's already available.
        I believe it is included on the UT3-Domination mod:
        Classic Domination
        UT2004 style DOM
        Vehicle domination (w/Downtown modded)
        TDM 3 teams
        TDM 4 teams