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Editing / Adding custom characters to UT3?

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    Editing / Adding custom characters to UT3?

    I've been making characters for UT2004 for some time and I was wondering how will UT3 aid or forsake this process?

    Will users have access to all the tools and sample content (Default animations in .bip format for one) as the previouse Unreal Editor?

    Will epic be as open as it was with Ut2004 in regards to modders?

    How has the processed changed since the next gen jump?

    If so where can I find this sample content and a tutorial/traning on how to import characters and other assets into UT3.

    All this after the games release in November, unless theres something out now.

    Thanks in advance guys and nice to meet you all.

    Feel free to peek at my site (mind you it's kinda old)