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UT3 music quality (bitrate)

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    How about music without compression, just the highest bit rate they can have? The game's going to take up more than one DVD anyways, at least make the music good. You should be able to select the bit rate in the options menu.


      Originally posted by GrimReaper View Post
      I just hope it supports 5.1 surround sound
      of course they have 5.1, every game now has it.


        THX 7.1 please!


          Make them all Dolby TrueHD encoded


            Well my reasoning behind suggesting Epic go higher is to keep it inline with graphics upgrades like texture resolutions etc so the quality on a whole is raised not just in a single area.

            Im sure the sound will be better quality this time around as it is a dvd release and people wont have to fiddle with 6cd's loooolz! 2 dual layers could do it fine I rekon with higher quality audio and Im sure Epic is like **** what do we do 1 dvd and loose some quality or just go 2 dvd's add those extra couple of maps we have on the bluray....

            So yeah just fill the rest of the DVD up with higher quality music in my opinion. It would be a shame to get the equivelent of 256/512 textures in sound when we are getting such high textures and models. Epic keeps going on about how you know you'll get a quality product and I really see this as an area Epic can provide more quality for little time so its good in that respect as well

            Funny how since DVD's are more common audio quality is going down, I mean cmon its not like we are downloading these songs off the net. Atleast we used to get CD quality when games were on CD but now its all compressed, so Epic again please make the music high quality.

            I for one would snap a soundtracks of UT audio DVD up in a second incase you got any ideas


              They could use a format such as FLAC which is loseless and uses compression but most likely they'll use lossy OGG again. In any case if a soundtrack CD was released I would snap it up right away.