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Mod Development Positions Open.

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    Mod Development Positions Open.

    Were currently looking for some development crew members, we will be working to create a great mod - "Unreal40K: Age of the Imperium".Im looking for abit of everything, the mod is still in its infancy and will be until everything is fleshed out and ready to go. Were looking for motivated individuals who's main focus is quality and creating innovative gameplay.

    Here's a quick abstract about the mod :

    This game will be a modification of Unreal Tournament 2007 (UT3). It will be based on the Warhammer 40K universe and will attempt to combine popular aspects of the First Person Shooter and Real-Time Strategy genres. Games such as Dawn of War, Day of Defeat and Warcraft Battlegrounds have been meaningful influences as to the type of cross-genre game we wish create.

    The core game-mode, “Conquer Mode” will be a “Control the Map” style of play. Teams will face each other in a battle to control areas and objects of the map. As teams gain control of these areas, upgrades and abilities for those teams will become unlocked. The abilities and upgrades a team receives will be dependent on that team's race and the specific area or object in their control. Each race will have a unique set of weapons and play styles. The races will allow for different playing experiences but will be well-balanced.

    Different game-play modes are expected to be added at later times.

    Job openings on the current roster are open and we are looking for talented individuals. Please if you plan on applying, be ready to submit some sort of previous work history or samples for viewing.


    Game Design (Core)
    Josh Sikes - Technical Director
    Ryan Anderson - Production\Gameplay Mechanics
    Jon Watts - Co-Production\Creative Design
    Troy Bhodavista - Story\ Historical Reference - Accuracy

    Ryan Anderson - Senior
    Lennard de Rijk - Lead
    Unfilled - Scripting

    Level Designers

    Modellers/Concept Artists
    Johan Streiffert -3D Conceptual Design (View Artwork)
    Kevin a.k.a "King Mong" - Character Design (View Artwork)
    3D Artist -Unfilled
    3D Artist -Unfilled

    User Interface Designer
    Unfilled - UI/Menu/HUD

    Sound Design
    Josh Sikes - Foley\Effects
    Unfilled - Composer\Effects

    Web Developers/Moderators
    Unfilled - Web Development
    Unfilled - Forums Moderation\ PR

    If you are interested in any of the following positions please send your applications to Please include contact information (IM's and Email) and let us know about your modding history and previous work history, if any.

    Our site is still currently being worked on and we will be able to provide more media and information about the game soon. Besure to check us out offen at for continuing updates

    - Josh