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Countdown for UT3 ... is it true?

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    Originally posted by snT View Post
    Hey calm down : )

    No one said the game will not come out until Novmeber, all Mark said is, that it could happen that the game has to be delayed, but no one confirmed it, so calm down and wait.
    duh, ofcourse a game could be delayed... u don't have to mention that. But since he does mention it it sounds to me they are preparing us for a delay. :>

    or option 2: it's a marketing thingy, trying to get the press talkin about UT3 again., and it's working, ive already seen this news on several gaming sites :>


      Originally posted by JesseJames View Post
      I can't help but think something suspicious is going on (MS money under the table) It seems like games that could be a system seller for the PS3 are being pushed off. Now all of a sudden no UT3 for November? I was psyched to get this title for the PS3; I own the 360 also but wasn't and will not plan to buy that version. I won't buy the game at all for any platform if this is botched for the PS3 for November.

      What happened to ethics? Someone should start investigating.
      I don't think, MS is pushing UT3 off. You forget, that they would also delay the PC-Version. Since UT3 is DX10 game, it wouldn't make sense to delay the PC version as MS has a chance to sell Vista for DX10.


        So many conspiracy theory folks here, lol!

        If it is delayed, good for XBoX people, who will have the opportunity to know the game at same time as us, PC/PS3 crew.

        Good for PC users, who will have more time to think and do their upgrades.

        Good for everyone, cause we'll get a more polished product.


          People, we will be playing the demo in October, and the game in November End..


            As long as i get the demo im happy, all i play is DM-Rankin on UT2k4


              Originally posted by Mark Rein View Post
              We do not know exactly when the game will be completed. All we've said is that we're hoping for a November release but as you know we value getting it right over getting it right now so there's no guarantee of that.
              We knew, that EpicGames stand for quality products and
              those require there time.
              Best wishes and greetings,
              and Thank You for a unquestionable good Game.
              Arat from Cologne
              PS. Play UT2004 untill release.


                Epic Is A Clean Team !


                  Ok guys this is silly. I came here to debunk a fan site countdown timer because we don't know the exact date the game will be released and this has been blown way out of proportion.