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UT3 function request : Queuing system

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    UT3 function request : Queuing system


    Is it possible to managed a queuing system on UT3 for connecting on a server ?
    When a server is full, that would be very nice to have the choice to get connected as soon as a slot is free.

    Such a system is already existing in CS:Source and is very usefull.


    Bad idea. I would rather have the ability to route a keybind to "join game" and not have to go through menus when I'm speccing.

    Queues would create nothing but problems, nobody would ever be able to get connected except for those who were lucky enough to get first into the queue, and then they might go away to do something else while they wait and just end up idling and wasting the slot.


      If you can't get in the server, find another.

      If you can't find another, there is a problem with the game.

      This doesn't apply if you want very specific servers with specific mods, though.


        Well I do think that it should be slightly different in UT3...When you want to play on your fav server and it's full it's hard to tell when there will be a free slot, so normally you join the server in spectation mode, but when those slot aren't free either you start pushing the join button a few 100 times. :-P When you do this a few times in UT2004 you will get a black screen and can wait a moment and it automatically joins when there's a slot free..IMO it would be ok if that black screen would appear after just a few attempts...this way you don't have to push the join button that many times.