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    I hope they keep in the white viewports cookie. It wouldn't be the same without every other post in the mapping forum being about this.


      Originally posted by fuegerstef View Post
      RealmRPG was asking if it is possible. Of course it is easier without scripting.
      I figured somebody would mention uscript. Granted, I left my question open for that possibility, but I'd prefer to be able to at least setup multiple "levels" in the editor, and be able to view a gradient change between them.

      Also, you can call Realm or RealmRPGer, but I don't care as much for the terms RPGer or RealmRPG. The RPGer surname is the trace of an old nick that I haven't been able to kick due to the overabundance of the nickname Realm and my phobia against numbers. And also because that's just who I'm known as everywhere nowadays.