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Building a NEW UT3 clan, anyone interrested?

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    Building a NEW UT3 clan, anyone interrested?

    Hello Everyone!

    Im currently building a new clan, looking for people who are going to buy the "UT3" aka Unreal Tournament 3 game.

    People that would like to join the clan should :
    1.Be from UK / OR have a very good connection in Europe!
    2.Have a GOOD computer, that can run the game smoothly!
    3.Be nice and friendly, not inpolite and rude - Friendship is a high priority!
    4.Be serious! - No need to recruit players that never are online!
    5.Older than 18!

    What i can tell about the clan is, that if enough people join, it's gonna be a very good place to be in! Friendship is what matters the most i'd say, skill is important too, but will come with time. Every clan has a rough beginning, getting started, finding players and being able to afford gaming servers to get games for their players. Thats why a small amount of cash is needed from everyone in the beginning Clan name is [FM] , which stands for "Frag Monkeys".

    Anyone that's interrested to join,please get in touch with me by :
    MSN : or email at same email address!
    Skype ID: jakuperik