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    I must agree with the comments on the bots FOV, and seemingly human player focus. These two things always got to me. Also, add human reliance in ONS matches to the list of "needs fixed."


      Originally posted by bazzwano View Post
      I just DONT want to see enemy bots:

      1: Running right past me as if I wasn't there.
      2: Not fire back when I fire at them (they just keep running).
      3: Using the same path over and over when taking and returning the flag.
      4: Focusing fire on human players.

      As far as i can tell I'm my UT experience.. the UT1 bots are way better.. I'm hoping UT3 bots are really good
      Seems like your #1 and 4 contradict each other.

      People ignore people as well, plus run past, etc.

      Most of the things I see people complain about don't seem that far fetched for real people to do. Maybe not real 'good' people, but still real people.

      Plus a lot of it is the pathing in some maps just flat sucks. Even when they are predictable, just pretend you don't know that.


        They said they put a lot more efforts in them this time, for a good part of their community never go online, so.. I expect very good bots.


          #1 and #2 are things that skilled human players do all the time in ctf. if i kill you while i'm on the way to your base, now you are in front of me, or my teams other offensive players. a lot of times i will shoot and miss intentionally, just so they don't know i am giving them a pass

          #3, this is the job of the mappers, or at least the one doing the pathing. properly done, ut2004 bots are good at ctf. but if you just lay down a bunch of pathnodes, they will head to the nearest, best pick-up; even run back and forth in place waiting for it to respawn.

          i think the ut3 bots will be far superior to ut2kx, but a lot will depend on the proper pathing.


            i know it's too late for this...but Pathnodes are one of the main reasons of bots' weaknesses. some "path finding" would be better.

            weaknesses of UT2k4 bots:
            just scroll a bit down.


              When it boilsdown to it, a bots a bot. Not a lot they can do. However I wouldnt worry about the official maps - more about the user made maps pathing.