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    Originally posted by Green_Day_584 View Post
    well, all i will say is "anybody that is actually worth OWNING your map should have enough brains to realise "oh, whats that? a texture package. i will put that in my TEXTURES folder, and not be a ****** and spend 3 hours online looking up HOW to put it there "
    and the point of that?

    so what? if you have an installer, guess what, you can control your files a little. say you make a map "Crazy 8s"... put all your files that you want in a ZIP or your own folder... that way, in case someone else decided to make a custom map called "Number Nines" that happen to use files of the EXACT same name(s), but the actual content is completely different, you won't mess up either mod.

    do you really think that it's some sort of "elite" status to know where files go? "oooh... png!!! oh my gosh!"

    i will be the first to admit... it's not always OBVIOUS where some files go. texture for a weapon that has a name that sounds more like a map name, when you have BOTH weapon and map folders for textures.


      UMOD's, UT2MODS, and UT4MODS anyone?
      Has everyone forgotten these exist?

      They allow you to double click and install any mods, maps, etc into your game folder easily. The main reasons why they aren't used are because i dont think they can be used easily on Mac/Linux, and because i don't think they are that easy to create.

      Make UT3MOD files a zip file containing an ini of info about it (for the umod installer) and how to install it, so it can just be renamed to zip if you want to look in it. Make it easy in UED to make them also.
      UT3MOD will just be a zip, all the executing will just be handled by the game exe reading the ini in it.

      edit: Also, have it write to an installed mods ini file of what it places in your folder, so there can be a map/mod uninstaller without hunting files. This means there also doesn't need to be a separate folder. A few dependency issues would have to be noted, perhaps it can check to see if any other mod is using a file? Its not all that complicated, linux package managers resolve dependancies often and it works well.

      edit2: This makes it really easy for consoles too, you just download the single umod file and the game can easily install it.

      Simple enough?


        UMODs is what i was referring to above about current methods being used. They are simple and do what they are designed to ftw though...


          Since i am new to this forum, i maybe in the wrong place to ask this question, I was wondering, how to put the maps, sounds, ect when I play on line, to my folders so i can play them off line. I tried a UT3CC but can not seem to get it to work.