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    KeyBoard and Mouse, Advantages

    Hello, it is me again. I have played games with both the console and the pc. I wanted to address the differences between the console controllers and the mouse and keypad.

    I am just confused as to why mouse and keyboard users think that they have this huge advantage over the people who might instead continue using the ps3 controller. Could some one shed some light on this please.

    I posted this in another thread... ...and look at the first line I posted.


      Mouse is free-look precision aiming, PS3 controller is E, L, F and T. Also when it comes to vertical aiming, things can get difficult with the controller.


        On console the hit boxes on the players are enlarged. Also there is aim assistance and the movement speed is slowed down.

        Without these aids I think you'd find it much harder to hit things using a controller compared to a keyboard and mouse.


          A mouse is precise, fast and accurate.
          A controller is slow, dumb and inaccurate.

          I don't care how many YEARS someone played with controller, they will never ever be close to the skill level of the better players using mouse\keyboard.

          With a keyboard, u can bind buttons for guns. Like I saw in the newest vid on here, he had a menu for changing guns on the ps3. well.. If u stand still, use 3 seconds to find ur gun ur dead.. A PC user press "E", whips out the flak and annihilate you before u get to open ur menu:<

          its hard to explain WHY mouse is superior. You have to test it for yourself really. I tested UT99 on both PC and PS2, and beilive me. a headshot on the ps2 was nearly impossible at first game, while first time on the pc with mouse, you can do like 50:z

          another thing is movement. Dodgind is a doubletap on either right,left,up,or down-slide. While your dodging on ur pc, u can really move any way u like with the mouse. I dont see that happening in ps3, since there's not enough fingers around since u only use ur thumb for 4 buttons. You can't steer dodge+aiming+shooting+weaponschange+movement simultaniosly like u can on the pc.

          ah well, im babbling. have fun:P


            kb/mouse is a HUGE advantage. there's no doubt about that.


              Do a movement with mouse and you target there at any speed you want to move your arm.

              Do it with the joystic and you target there at the joystic speed, no more, no less.


                its not only the acuracy of the mouse its the fact that with enough play a player can train his mind to move the mouse without thinking about it, To he point where a single movement can flip you around and target someones head for a headshot. A controller needs constant aim adjustments to get this.


                  ave seen some pretty hot pad users, but sad fact is, never been a game where you can play k/m vs pad :/

                  so i guess time will tell


                    shadowrun is one, but they nurfed the mouse users to suppesedly make it fair, Its trash lemme tell you.


                      FPS were actually originally made for keyboard only but that was clumsy so we moved to using the mouse with freelook. Gamepads while analog are still more comparible to the keyboard then mouse.

                      Myself I got a thrustmaster run'n'drive and I will be testing it in an FPS to see how it does vs the old xbox controller. I have no doubts it'll be better but as far as I can tell UT2k4 doesnt support analog forward and back which I can use on buttons or sticks.

                      Honestly nothing will beat the mouse for aim because it was designed primarily to be a pointing device. The trackball could possibly because it was designed with a similar purpose, there are plenty of other devices which allow more freedom of movement then keyboard though. That could be why there are attempts to replace it for gaming and some people use joysticks and mice.

                      Things are evolving but the gamepad wasnt really designed with FPS in mind, that was kinda an after thought when FPS' actually did sell well on consoles.


                        the only real way you can have a controller with a aiming ability of a mouse is you have a thumb stick for movement and straifing and then on the right side a mini trackball.


                          Picture the following scenario: you walk into a room and find yourself under fire from a balcony above the door you came in.

                          With a mouse, a familiar player knows where to move the mouse on the mouse pad to look at that balcony more or less instantly.

                          A controller player has to hold the joystick in the right direction to turn around and up and look towards the balcony.

                          I have played both, and playing FPS with a dual joystick controller ain't that bad. It's fun, and casual. However, the control of a mouse, once you're familiar with it, is more like moving your head: you can do things like glance over your shoulder while you're running to check see if anyone is behind you. This is quite a bit different than the feeling of turning around to look and turning back to look the other way. The difference is being able to move the mouse quickly to a specific point to look a specific direction.

                          This makes head shots more fun....

                          Both are good. Both are fun...but I'll play most games with a keyboard/mouse if I can...


                            Originally posted by karmatized View Post
                            shadowrun is one, but they nurfed the mouse users to suppesedly make it fair, Its trash lemme tell you.
                            Of course they nerfed the M/Kb users... else should pad users have a chance to survive longer than 6.3 seconds?


                              There are many reasons why we think that it's true, but I can give you 100% proof of the keyboard and mouse superiority.

                              If the controller was better, PC players would USE THEM. PC players can buy controllers that are clones of console controllers and plug them into their PCs. Most games recognize them and can be set to use them. If they offered any significant improvement, a huge group of PC players would have done it years ago. Further, if they were similar or equivalent, a significant portion of players would use them.

                              As it stand, only a very small minority of players use gamepads in their first person shooters on the PC. Therefore, we can conclude that controllers are inferior input devices.