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New video: 7 minutes of Warfare, presented by Mark Rein

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  • New video: 7 minutes of Warfare, presented by Mark Rein

    So here's the story:
    As most of you guys know, UT3 was playable at the Leipzig Games Convention at the Intel booth and the Midway booth. Both locations strictly prohibited filming or taking photos. But there was an official UT3-presentation at the ESL Intel Arena on friday and guess what? No prohibitions at all.
    Mark Rein entered the stage, arms raised and dancing in circles. I've seen him do this before (though not live, obviously) and I really wonder if he drinks too much coffee or something...
    Anyways, there was a warm welcome, a few introducrory questions and then the demonstration started. The first few seconds are missing, but then I got the zoom of my camera right and started filming.

    Just one warning:The quality is pretty poor. I don't have a video camera so I had to record the presentation with my photo camera. But Mark's comments should make up for the lack of visual quality. And hey, at least I didn't record it with my mobile, that would've sucked really hard.

    Alright then, without further ado:
    I hope you'll enjoy it, guys!

    Have fun,
    Doc Shock

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    Goddess bless you!


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      Yess...finally some screens of a moving Scavanger.


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        Thank you!


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          (i love rein's voice)


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            The game looks very, very slick. No wonder Epic's brimming with entheausiasm.

            The nodes seem to have a little less charge than in ut2004, so taking them down seems a lot quicker. The pace of the game also seems faster - which is a lot to do with the hoverboard - not being able to get back into the action was a big problem in ut2004.

            That the scavanger performs the run over footsoldiers role of mantas also explains a lot in the balancing.

            But let's ignore the details. The overall picture is that of a stunning, slick and fun game.


            This will sell far better than GOW did. Also the hitscan vehichles will be lethal in the hands of seasoned players. We'll get called bots a lot.


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              wooo its like you can roll into a sonic ball and run over people, i'm gonna love that


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                "Planning for a release in november" doesn't sound nice at all Although i wouldn't want a non-polished ut3 on the shelves either.


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                  I just had to chuckle every time Mark cut off the host. Thanks again.

                  Your photo camera is better than no camera.


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                    Gotta love Mark Rein lol.. OH LOOK LOOK! Hehe <3.


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                      Was the Nightshade being driven in First Person, or was it in Third Person and it is just hard to see the Cloaked effect?


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                        Nice detail: When you're carrying the orb and you don't use it to instantly capture a node it automatically charges up the node when your in it's presence.

                        Edit: just found a portal It's on the right....above the flakcannon.


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                          you can actually see one of the new teleporting portals near one node:



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                            Originally posted by Mark Rein
                            ... most of the nodes have teleporters...
                            Assuming he didn't misspeak, this is likely the reason for separating the teleport function from the node itself. It's great idea! Now you can have nodes you can't teleport to (or from). More strategy, more variety.


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                              Yeah and thinking about it...usually when you try to escape (low on health) and everyone is shooting the node you will have a bigger chance to make a succesfull teleport with a portal which is in a safe area.