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    Originally posted by Skill View Post
    got an old crt one like 7 years ago, and somehow get 2000+x1200+ on it, and better yet, the same graphics card i got 7 years ago, gets the same resolution! guess it's not that helpful, but i felt like sharing. i think it was a geforce 5200 or something like that, but nowadays the resolution is the only good thing it has.
    the higher the resolution, the lower the max refresh rate...sure my old 17" crt can have a 1280*1024 res (with a 8-year old nvidia tnt2 pro), but then I don't have a 100Hz refresh rate..

    anyways, what about the response time of laptop screens?


      Originally posted by Bersy View Post
      17" sucks. go for 19", that's the sweet spot and you're far more likely to find something suitable at that size.
      i agree... i love my flat viewsonic 19"..i have had bigger and smaller..19 seems to be perfect for gaming...for me..i used to be a diehard CRT fan, but have been really happy with my LCD..


        Another vote for the Samsung 226bw from me. Had mine for a couple of months now and would not go back to my old lcd or a crt if you paid me.

        Ps. Its an 'A' panel and after much less than five minutes in the calibration tool it looked perfect, so don't belive all the FUD saying only go for the S panel version.