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    the impact hammer is the melee weapon


      Originally posted by xFirexIcex View Post
      Thanks Mort
      Originally posted by xFirexIcex View Post
      I've been reading threads with all this stuff about combos and it sounds confusing.
      Becareful xFirexIcex, moderators of the forums will snag you for double posts (posting twice in a row).
      They'll give you points which add up over time for doing things like flaming or double posting. The points have an expiration, but if you get too many points over a period of time, they have the option to ban you from the forums. So its good to read the rules of the forums
      To avoid double posting:
      Use the edit button on your first post and add something to your first post, then save it.

      Welcome to the UT3 forums! I would recommend that you buy the Unreal Anthology. It has all the major Unreal and Unreal Tournament games up to 2k4 (except 2k3). Its truly a bargain and you can get into ALL that is Unreal!



        Hey, welcome.!

        The best way to figure some things out in UT is to just try them out!

        Please don't think that i am just making fun of you .... quite on the contrary, sometimes when people try to explain things that are unreal [] it gets quite confusing because you havn't experienced it yet. But once you try it out then read the posts again it makes really good sense.!

        just a thought.


          Most of this makes sense now. Thanks for all the help.


            to make a combo you have to fire the ball, and then shoot the beam into it before it either hits the player or the wall. If it hits either then the ball is absored (damage taken) and the player would just take the shock beam as more damage.

            Some people time there balls (in a non gay way :P ) so that its in the face of the player and when the shock beam hits it, gives them the 100% full damage it can possibly give to the player.

            Combo's are about either pure damage or causing knockbacks in certain situations imo, but am sure more people with abetter use of the english language will come out with better descriptions!


              Just want to clarify something about double posting, since it might benefit the OP:

              If you reply to two different people on issues, it's generally acceptable to have two different posts in a row in that case. But often it's better to consolodate multiple replies from the same poster (even if they had multiple posts you are replying to) into the same post.

              For example lets say Mort posted two different messages to me within a thread, and I come back a day later and reply to them both. It's better to break out Wordpad and copy all of his quotes into it, then reply to them all, and then paste the entire response into one single post.

              But that really isn't required if you are replying to two or more different posters, since generally you might be replying to multiple tangents, and rolling them into one post can either make a really large post or confuse things.