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ut3 vs ut2k4

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    Originally posted by Mort_Q View Post
    Everybody wants the game to be good, the problem is coming to some sort of consensus as to what good is.
    quote for the ****ing truth!!


      Originally posted by Crotale View Post
      Does anyone else have a clue as to what this guy is talking about?
      I do!! It's from what Bersy posted...

      Originally posted by Bersy View Post
      Can I use some of your ideas here:
      And Bersy, if you don't put that post in the generator then why bother have it at all?

      Seriously, how did that url slip by me, it's gold. How long has it been up?


        Failed attempt..

        Its just another failed attempt at humor. Backhandingly slamming 2k4 and those that like to play it, its typical of some fanatical UT99'ers. ::cough::



          Originally posted by Miko View Post
          You think the Flak cannon is slow? The Flak cannon like someone else said is not meant for long range whatsoever. You should go back in time and see the really slow original Flak Cannon that had the fire rate of the lightning gun. Sure it was nice and strong at close range but the time between shots was made you go " LOAD THE SHELL FASTER BEFORE I GET SHOT". You should be happy with what you get.
          lol yea i can relate to that - just started playing the original 'unreal' and now im understanding the series so much more! What nali are, where all the weapons came from etc. Its cool to see how all the weapons have evolved from way back - and yes the flak cannon was very slow then but very powerful! Hopefully its not as slow in ut3 but still nice and powerful.


            Originally posted by intentsly View Post
            Its just another failed attempt at humor. Backhandingly slamming 2k4 and those that like to play it, its typical of some fanatical UT99'ers. ::cough::

            tbh its not, its my serious opinion:E didn't meen to hurt people's feelings, but this is what I think of the game.


              didn't meen to hurt people's feelings
              But you did it - by all your peremptory statements and bad form... In UT3 you will get almost all you want, so it's rather UT2004 fans who should whine about degradation of the game to UT99 state.


                Originally posted by semperphy View Post
                -Rockets and flak secondary should lift people off the ground. Close range primary should anihilate the other guy completely. So should direct rockets and flakball to the face.
                This is the only comment that made sence to me.

                In UT99 the Flak shell (which does 80 a hit) does kill on impact, but only because the 6 shards that come out after it hits the player. The U2K4 shards fly off without hitting the player.

                The rockets in UT99 kill on impact (100% health), why I don't know since it only does 90 a hit. Ut2k4 rockets suck because the engine is lame at radius damage, and there is no body hit damage.

                Personally, I won't compare the games, simply because the game isn't out yet. We can only trust EPic when they said they have brought back some UT99 gameplay.

                Some of the new stuff i am going to HATE is:

                > Hoverboard - Modding that out right away
                > Slow Volume - WTF? LAME!
                > Avril - Still turns on a pin head.
                > Link effect - Eew, white!
                > Bots - if they still target human, instead of the bot taking the flag.
                > Bots - if they pick the only human out of several players.
                > Bots - if they can dodge everything i shoot at them, even from behind.
                > Bots - if I can't give them a custom sound pack and skin.
                > Bots - if they still dodge a speeding vehicle.
                > Bots - if they still cheat to win.
                > Bots - Well, I think you can see I hate bots.


                  I have now spoken to Alex, who played UT3 at the leipzig games convention, and he said rockets do lift people off the ground, and the overall feel is more like UT99, so it seems epic knows what theyre doing this time;p thank you very much, meet u at the server 2k4 noobies


                    Originally posted by semperphy View Post
                    meet u at the server 2k4 noobies
                    Yep, I will be the one wall dodging over your head raining death upon you. ;D

                    The ground is for dead people.


                      Rockets don't explode?


                        Originally posted by Kronos View Post
                        More push made Quake 3's rocket launcher more effective.
                        Did it?
                        Well, if it did I suppose it's mostly because in Q3 you can do airrockets fairly easily, or at least much more easily than in UT.

                        Originally posted by Sterling View Post
                        Rockets don't explode?
                        I think they're referring to the rocket dud bug. (or, in this case, the anti-dud bug, which is the exact opposite of the rocket dud bug, but has the same cause)