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    Corpse-gibbing confirmed!

    In a quick interview with the guys from the german gaming mag GameStar, a Midway employee was asked which features will be cut out from the game for the german version. He answered that you'll be able to dismember corpses in the game and that this will have to be taken out because german authorities don't like stuff like that at all.
    Additionally, he also said that even some cuts to the ragdoll system might have to be made.

    If this is true, this could very well break the net-compatibility between the german and the international version. And though I never planned to get the german version anyway (UK-imports ftw), I would really hate to see this happen, because, as much as I love the international UT community, I'd like to be able to play with some players from my homecountry as well... The UT community is a great one and germany is a part of it, it shouldn't be cut off from the rest. It's better to risk a higher rating (minors shouldn't play such a kind of game anyways) than to split a community. I really hope that Epic thinks so as well...


      Break compatibility? For gore levels? Please tell me I can turn that **** off!


        Originally posted by Mort_Q View Post
        Break compatibility? For gore levels? Please tell me I can turn that **** off!
        I believe he was referring to the rag doll system being altered which might have a slight possibility of making it not compatible, but I doubt it.

        Who really knows though besides EPIC?

        EDIT:In UT2k4 you can actually turn off rag dolls in the INT files(not INI). It plays a simple death animation similar to the UT1 death animation.
        I guess my final conclusion is that, yea, I highly highly doubt it'd not be compatible with the international version.


          i think censorship in modern day society is disgusting!.... if we want gore, let us have it!, and plenty of it!.... if some people dont, let there be a parental lock for kids, and a gore level for the rest.

          Personally i LOVE the UT gore, and in my opinion it has always been an important part of the game and one of the trademarks of the series.... there really must be alot of gore, and if people dont like it, they should be able to turn it down... but for the blood thirsty among us, let there be much gore!


            yeah i agree, maximum gore level on UT99 was sweet as cos if you blasted a person there was blood all over the place and all over the floor, ceiling, walls everywhere and it stayed there for a fair amount of time, UT2004 blood came off the walls after about 5 seconds