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will this game be "capped" at 60fps?

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    Originally posted by fuegerstef View Post
    Will not help you on playing on 99.999999999% of the servers out there.
    well I haven't seen a server that did enforce the cap-limit, yet (10001 netspeed always worked) still I prefer not to have any fps-jumps/drops and therefore I play with 85fps for some time now ...


      Originally posted by Kronos View Post
      The human eye on average only sees 60 fps, theres no visual improvement on a game that goes above that, but you can always feel far beyond 60 fps on a game.
      all this "the human eye can't" blah blah doesn't mean jack. the fact is that i (and a lot of other people) can tell the difference between 60 fps and 120 fps. For that reason alone I want higher frame rates even if theoretically it doesn't look "better".

      this isn't apesonal attack on you, i just hate seeing that "the human can't blah blah blah"


        I don't mind if they cap the fps, but please make it a high cap, like 125fps (that'd give an average of 120fps for people who can max out the fps, just like the 90fps cap in ut2k4 gives aprox 85)

        that way folks with 120hz crt's can get it in sync (just like ut2k4 and 85hz) - and folks with 60hz tft's will get two frames per monitor update.

        I personally can't stand playing with 85fps in ut2k4, it feels sluggish and jaggy, having 120fps smoothens it all up.

        but yeah, hopefully there will be no cap, but if epic is clever then they per default have an option in the menus for setting a cap, and per default they could set it for 60, just here in the start, and then one year later they can change that default value to 90(85)... but please make it changeable for the user and let it go to atleast 125.

        fps will most likely be dependant of the netcode, but in ut2k4 it wasn't bad at all imo, my ping goes up by 4 when I set netspeed to 11.000 to get my 125fps.


          ROFL I died when reading the following 2 things !

          Originally posted by Kronos View Post
          Yea I don't understand why people would believe UT2k3/4 are capped at 60 after I just got done saying it was capped at 85 online and that there was no cap limit offline.
          The original UT99 had no cap at all.
          2k3 had no cap after the first patch
          2k4 has sort of a cap at 85, but this is no real cap because when you higher netspeed above 10000 and you change a certain option in your ini (a legal change !!!) you can get easily 120fps and more
          I'm still amazed that so called long-term players etc still don't know this ...

          And then I laughed even more with this, which I've seen all too much but is such **** :
          Originally posted by Kronos View Post
          The human eye on average only sees 60 fps, theres no visual improvement on a game that goes above that, but you can always feel far beyond 60 fps on a game.
          Sorry, but I can CLEARLY tell when my monitor is displaying 120Hz or 60Hz, I can even tell the difference between 75Hz and 85Hz, maybe your eyes can't but that's not my problem at all :-)
          And you said fps ... sorry but the difference in a game between 60fps and 85 or more fps ... is HUUUGEEEEEEE, and VERY clearly visible. I'd suggest you throw away your LCD in case you use one !

          The difference between 60Hz and 85Hz is IMMENSE !!! and 60 to 120 is even more immense, at 120Hz the game is like water, you can turn around and aim a LOT better this way.
          In any case, any kind of cap sucks !!! And then I'm not even talking about Vsync and what it does in relation to your screens Hz and the fps the game can give ...

          Long live 120Hz !!!!!!!!!!! 60Hz is the biggest **** ever, ofcourse if you have an LCD you'll never know that, but LCD sucks anyway

          And I repeat, in UT2k4, you can EASILY get 120 FPS online, no matter what server !!! ROFL to those who didn't know (the ClanBase gamers that is !!!) Or is it because of my +10 years playing Unreal/UT
          Visit my site more I'd suggest the info has been there for like +3 years :-).


            I think there's a disconnect between what you are saying, and he is saying.

            The bottom line is this: You're not going to notice 120FPS on an LCD, since the refresh rate of most LCD's are locked at 60Hz or so. That's the bread and butter issue. And which makes it largely irrelavent if you can get above that framerates, since you're not actually going to be able to experience higher than that because of the LCD you're using.

            I can get hundreds of FPS in UT2 now, but that doesn't matter since I'm only going to see about 60FPS at any one time. So I am not worried about super high framerates, only that I can maintain 60FPS at all times.


              Originally posted by Kronos View Post
              The 360 version of UT3 has been mentioned to be capped at 30 fps

              ROFL. cap limit at 30 fp/s? thats really sad.