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    Originally posted by Worlock View Post
    You seriously must be joking. Shock taping (or juggling as you call it) takes no skill and has played a major part in ruining 2k4 weapon balance.
    >Thank you Worlock.


      Originally posted by Xyx View Post
      A slight spread on the beam would solve all problems. No more long range combo ****, no more juggling, no more long range encounters.
      >ROFL, are you kidding me? Combo sniping bad players is fun :}


        Apart from what others already explained to you:

        Originally posted by Darude-Sandstorm View Post
        I think being able to juggle with shock will make it the most popular game on the PS3, PC, and the Xbox360!
        I think you should stop thinking. Leads to nothing.


          Well I like the knockback from the shockballs but it could be toned down some. I voted YES but it doesn't have to be so bad.

          Point might be moot now as there is a knockaround effect where you get sucked toward the explosion apparently. Needs gameplay testing for sure. (hint: release teh demos alrady Epic!1)


            Shock taping is one of the most *****ed about things regarding UT2004. Why the hell would you want to make it even worse? If they were to make it even worse, you might as well call the next game "Shock-Rifle Tournament 3".
            As not only myself, but mostly everyone else has said.. tune down the damage a little bit and kill some of the knock back. IMO, them making the alt fire ball a little smaller and bit faster was also a good idea.

            It may not be the most *****ed about, but it's definitely up there.


              Originally posted by Darude-Sandstorm View Post
              Nothing takes more skill or is more rewarding than when you hit someone who's completely stacked with a bunch of shocks in a row and then they die without being able to even fire at you! ... In fact, I think it would be great if you could speed up the shock so players can juggle even better! I think being able to juggle with shock will make it the most popular game on the PS3, PC, and the Xbox360!
              Yea, as being unable to do anything back to a player that's shooting you is totally fun and balanced.

              I hated it in 2004, so IMO it should be out.


                I hate shock taping above everything else in ut2k4. It's not skillfull - its dumb. It's so simple and straight forward that it's all anyone does any more. I long for the days of admiring someone's rockets or flak skill. Those folks are either long gone or they simply learned to tape instead. How often do you actually see skilled combos any more? Why bother with a well placed, predicted combo when you can tape the **** out of your opponent. The game becomes very linear and all about controlling the stupid shock rifle.

                No thanks.


                  Originally posted by X-Cannon View Post
                  I say up the rate of fire, up the knockback and up the damage!
                  And I'd say "yeah, and up yours too", but I can see you're being sarcastic.

                  Oh, and it would probably get me an infraction thingy as well.

                  I voted 'no' on this too. The shock gun primary was a bit overpowered as it was, and though it can be considered fun to do, it doesn't weigh to the frustration the other guy feels for being unable to do anything about it.