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UT3 in Competitive Tournaments - Too Slow?

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    Actually, casual gamers are more likely to stick with a game. As someone stated earlier, the competitive scene has been moving from game to game much faster. When new games, especially new games in an old series, come out, many of the competitive players move to the new game rather quickly. Its the casual gamers that are there just for fun that stick around with the games. They are having fun with the game they got and they see no need to buy a new game every 2 months when they can have just as much fun with their older games.


      Originally posted by th1x View Post
      I've been playing some games competitively for a while now, mostly Quake and UT2004. As of now, I'm playing Quake 4, and will be attending the WSVG in August to compete.

      Anyway, I've talked to a lot of people in the competitive Dueling (1v1) community, and Quake 4 is almost dead. What we're hoping, is that UT3, when released, will be the new dueling game. It will hopefully replace Quake 4, and WSVG will pick it up, as well as CEVO, and some other tournaments.

      But, as of now, we can only see one problem. The Speed.

      After seeing some new videos, us, as a community, are worried that UT3 will be too slow. We know dodge-jump was removed, and some people find that UT2004 was slow as it is. Removing Dodge-jump in Deathmatch, Onslaught, TDM, etc, is fine, and it's understandable.

      But, in 1v1, it just seems right now that it's going to be too slow. If the game is too slow, we're afraid it won't get picked up by the competitive 1v1 community, and they will stick to Quake 4.

      I guess what I'm asking is a request. Maybe, something to consider.

      Could dodge-jump possibly be added ONLY for 1v1?

      I know it's a longshot, but I think if enough people ask for it, it could happen. I'm extremely excited for UT3, I'll be jumping right in when it's released.

      I want UT3 to do well in Leagues, and get picked up by tournaments like WSVG, but, there's the fear that it won't get picked up, because it will be too slow paced.

      Just wanted to put the word out there.
      You can change the gamespeed on the server, they've had that feature in every UT game, why would it be any different for UT3.

      If its too slow for the "dueling" (LOL) community then change the gamespeed or go and play quake 4.