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Is the 360 version limited?

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    Uhmnmm... actually for the next wave of mmorpgs, MS is allowing them to require a hard drive in order to play. I think if you google search ign you'll find an article on that very topic..


      360 Hard Drive Required Ok, not ign..


        you know, you could just edit the earlier post and add that into it.


          Originally posted by joeGraf View Post
          He is correct on this. I know it's not obvious as to how this happens, but as the engine changes we include new data formats, objects have functions removed and added, and network compatability is no longer possible. This is just like the amount of changes that happened between UT99 and UT2003 prevented them from being network/content compatible. When we ship a game, we take a snapshot of the engine at that point in time. The engine continues the development path we have planned out, but the game doesn't. So the two entities diverge enough that they are no longer compatible. For instance, you can't even load one of the art packages from the original Gears in our current engine's editor. The same holds true going in the other direction: current content can't be loaded in the version of the editor that we used to ship Gears.

          Thanks for the info as that make sense. However we all know you folks are a smart bunch and if you really wanted to you would find away to make it work

          Sadly I probably will have to pass up GOW on the PC until it shows up in the bargin bin. Why? I have already shelled out 60 bucks to by the 360 version as well as spent MS points getting the map packs. The thought of spending another large chunk of change just to get that new experice is just not worth it espically with all the other good games coming out (like your UT3 for example)


            The 360 version is not limited.


              I have a ps3 and a 360 (Will be renting at least for ps3 I didn't have a good experience at all with Gears.) and while I understand where people who only have a 360 are coming from I would really be more concerned about how the game plays than how many maps would be available to me making sure that people using controllers never have to deal with button mappings that cripple the player is of a slightly greater importance. (See Gears of war and what happens when you use anything other than the default stick cofiguration...Lets just say it was absolutely horrible.)

              It sure sounds like the team is trying and I am willing to give them a chance after what I went through with Gears of war; so try not to be so grumpy you have yet to be screwed on this game.