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    Actually when I order a bot to hold a certain position and hold down centerview, the crosshair ends up pretty much at eyeheight. Well, unless it's our stunted friend Gorge.
    (edit) Turns out centerview actually tilts your view downwards slightly; you're really looking from your forehead, apparently. I don't think that really makes a big difference though.


      in ut2k4 when side double jumping, female players would do a sort of barrel roll thing, that was awesome. It should be included for male players too.


        the original flipping of the UT99 characters should return :P


          UT2k4's double jump/dodge/dodge jump/wall dodge (jump) all are parts of UT2k4 and all are USEFUL. dont ever think double jump is useless...

          their are (dis)advantages of all of them.

          useful Against
          Rockets: double jump mixed with dodge (close range), dodge jump (long range)
          Flak Primary: dodge jump, double jump
          Flak ball: double jump
          shock beam/lightning: Dodge with a mix of random ground movement
          Shock combo: dodge jump
          Minigun: mix of EVERYTHING

          using the right thing at the right time is really important. for example, dodge jump is very bad against flak ball (and sometimes, in close range, rockets).
          wall dodging every once in a while can put your opponent in confusion.

          on the other hand, using the right weapon with right firing mode depending on your enemy's movement is also needed.


            I wouldn't recommend double jumping when someone is firing flakshells at you. I really wouldn't recommend using the double jump when someone is firing flak primary at you.
            The double jump might be useful against triple rockets fired at the floor. Just hope your enemy doesn't decide to aim at you in mid-air instead.