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    I've always been an LMS and CTF man myself. I'm kinda looking forward to there being no LMS (though I'll really miss it). Just because I'll finally have to master DM properly. CTF is gonna rock hard though!


      Sombrero Scavenger!


        Originally posted by theeDEATHMASTER View Post
        Hard to say, in UT 99' I'm all about ctf now and in 2k4 I'm all about DM/TDMs.
        That's because CTF was borked in UT2004. However, based on what I've been reading, the UT3 CTF will be more like UT99 CTF, so it's possible that CTF could return to its former prominence.


          In UT99 days I spent most of my time in CTF.

          I liked DM to have a bit of a bash and then do something else.

          TDM I don't think I played that mode as much but it was definitely awesome fun playing with and against clans.

          I'm mostly looking forward to the traditional stuff UT99 styles.

          So I'm going to play DM/TDM/CTF. I'll give the other modes a try but I'm a bit skeptical. I was never a fan of the vehicles in the later UT series and I got bored with the map being too big. I'd get sniped and then have to go all this way just to see some action.

          I miss the UT99 x-loc. I don't know about all this re-charge business?-What did you guys think?


            Man i want TAM on ut3 LOL, i love it, u dont need 2 go find ur weapons