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My idea for a UT3 mod

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    My idea for a UT3 mod

    A sci fi fps set in the far future, with a strong emphaqsis on horror. Here is the storyline.
    In 1963, during the vietnam war as eries of unexplainable attacks occur. Over the next 50 years, more attacks occur in various places in the United States. They are covered up by government. We contact othewr countries and we learb In 2100 AD a cloud is spotted heading for Earth. It wil take 600 years to arrive. It takes the governement a couple hundred years to analyze the threat and explore several options. They decide to builkd an Ark. The ark was made posible by alien technology which can convert enrgy into matter. So basicaly, the ark is built from the sun...


    The first part of the game would be the intro, in which you'de play as several people, each re[reenting a diferent stage of the tansition towards the apoclypse. Here ae some roles that I think would be good :
    1) A soldier in vietnam who's squad is attacked by the undead. You are then taken to area 51 where you learn about the government's secret research programs on these undad creatures.

    2) A civilian in the 80's.. This part would lok like an 80's movie.. It'de have the same look, if oyu know what im talking about.. You'de be out with your friends, partying in soe dark part of the city, when the undead attack.

    3) It is 2002. You are a british citizen on his way to work on the subway when someethign bad happens. You hear screaming noise from the cars in front of you.. The undead come rambling through and you must escape the train. Once you dso so, you find your way back to the surface wher you are met a fairly normal sight.. Peopel walking around the streets, horns honking, a typical morning. Then, somethign strange. The sky's turn black. Terror and confusion. Then the udnead rise form their graves and you must fight oyur way through te dead to a means of escaping the city. Once outside, the stroms stop. Quickly reacting, the governemtn quarantines the city and napalms it. They devise an elaborate hoax to cover up what really happened there..

    3) At around 2200, the plans tyo create this gigantic 350,000 mile long ark are developed within top secret government organisations.. You come in at around 2,300 AD. This section would be non combative (unlike the previous two) where you just notice some wierd thing shappening.. You also talk to some peoepl who claim that an ark is beig cxonstructed. The governemnt wanted to keep this a secret, but their goal wasn't met perfectly.. Some peope have found out butthey are outspoken and no one believes them..

    Then the intro ends. Here you are an oridnaryt citizen in 2700 AD. You hear about the storms at work and you and your colleages dismiss it as nonsense. Then, you go home. And as you get home , things get worse. You hear voices, and you see hallucinations outside. You go to sleep and when you wake up.. You popen your window and see.. the storms... Like centuries before, the undead rise from their graves and you must tmake it to the transoirts that take you to the ark.

    Once you make it to the ark, things change drastically.. You face w aide variety of conflict si the ship itself. Gameplay is very nonlinear and you can use a lot of ultra high tech like touch panels and holo panels (think minorty report sytyle devices combned with Final Fantast : the sprits within). YOu hcan also customzie your equipment and weapons. Gameplay is laregely based on using your environment.

    There will be two types. Objective based missions with tie ins to the singlepalyer story.. Yo'll be fighting variousundead creatures. Maps wil be set in differnt time periods, with available weapons in accordance. Objectives range from fighting zombies to rescuing people. Some maps include vehicles.

    Thre wil also be standard deathmatch type games et abourd the ark, with all the high tech environmental interactivbty available.

    What do you think.

    Sounds more like a game than mod.....


      total conversion mod? AS an average gamer, making a ful blown game isn't exactly a viable option..


        not a bad idea i like the concept of the ark. you could work on this idea a lot to make it realy good.
        fighting undead is always freaky. there is just something scary about things that dont know when to die. :P.
        (stomps a few more times on the already flat spider on the floor. just to make sure.)

        this acutally gives me a few ideas for my own story! the ark is an often used concept. that should get more attention.


          Anyone remmeber that TC mod for UT2004? It was like a zombie one, where you started going through a church and stuff..

          Was pretty fun, too.