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cross-platform SPECTATING.

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    i'd haveto agree there, it would be pretty sweet to have the ability to watch any match if you wanted to, this feature is defiantely apearing a lot more games these days, currently in the beta's for world in conflict and i defiantely spectate more then i do playing that game, and its very enjoyable being able to watch how players deploy their tactics, but in UT cross platform viewing would be a very nice change, being able to finnaly!! watch, once and for all, if all you console players can match the mighty skillfull Pc gamers heee heee

    sorry had to

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  • started a topic cross-platform SPECTATING.

    cross-platform SPECTATING.

    I would highly recommend this, so PS3 users can spectate PC server UTV matches (or vice-versa, though I don't know how many people would serve PS3 matches on UTV). And incorporating UTV browsers/filters into all versions of the game. So you don't have to list it as 'Spectate PC match', but rather 'UTV Server List - Now Viewing PC Game' or something... so people won't be like 'we can watch, but why can't we play?'.

    Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars made huge improvements over old games in that series with all these built-in broadcasting features for competitive play (including commentating and everything... which could be a good idea for UT, make it easy to carry an audio stream with a UTV feed... which could also go to any PS3 spectators). That could be just what the doctor ordered for UT. Delivering all those matches into homes with PS3s.

    The best part is, you could also put PC UTV spectating into a future Xbox 360 version without ******* off Microsoft I'd think! As long as the UTV browser is a game feature.

    The potential behind UTV wasn't capitalized on with UT2004 although it fits the UT theme of combat exhibition and skill-based competitive DM play perfectly. It's quite fun to watch.