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cross-platform SPECTATING.

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    Originally posted by Boksha View Post
    This would be very nice, but also quite complicated. You can't just have one client sending his data to a second client; I mean what if the first client drops? The second client would have to find a new provider for his data, but it'd be very hard to sync.
    I don't know how they do it, but as a matter of fact there are several P2P TV platform out there, it's been done a number of times.
    I think the key is to keep a redundant set of connections, if someone drops you get the chunk from someone else. This means some clever tricks, a lot of overhead operations and of course a gigantic lag, I think the typical P2PTV delay is on the order of 5-10 sec. But for just watching it's ok.

    I believe such P2P UTV is bound to consume much less band than a typical TV, so it must be easier to reach optimal streaming conditions.

    Of course it would make sense to output also some simple video streams, to be watched/uploaded on the most common public platforms, so that even outsiders can enjoy Unreal Moments...

    A good start on Epic part would be a rock solid, always on Demorec: with it, a lot more people would see the potential of watching/reliving great fragging moments.

    For UTV to be a hit, fanboyism is the key: awww, if only they could find a trick to let PS3s and 360s join the same servers (bypassing the anti-consumer attitude of M$ in particular)... imagine the heat of a cross-platform PS3 vs. PC vs. 360 who's-your-daddy battle... Then of course imagine Germany Team vs. France Team, Manchester United vs. Chelsea, Madrid vs. Barcelona, NY vs. LA, Scotland vs. England, Yale vs. Berkeley...

    We are not South Koreans (yet), but still such a videogame supporters phenomenon is bound to explode, some time in the near future. Why not in UT?

    I'd say: here's the challenge for the modding community: build a P2P client for UTV. I'm positive it can be done!


      I think having the community do something like that is more realistic than having it out of the box. Like I said it'd be quite hard to code, and the community plainly has more time to spend on stuff like that because they're not paid per hour.