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Superweapons and Timing Pickups

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    Superweapons and Timing Pickups

    I was reading this thread about timing pickups and was wondering how many people time pickups and whether there was any correlation between that and people that play with no superweapons.

    It doesn't matter the method of timing pickups you use; ingame clock, external clock, teammate, what-have-you. I'm only asking if you bother to pay attention on any conscious measured level, not just gut feeling... this would imply you have a rough idea of spawn delays/timings.

    As for superweapons, I mean preference... if you were setting up a server, would superweapons be off or on?

    I guess on some level I think there is a correlation, but I have no real reason for believing it, so I figured I'd .... ask.


    I personally don't play with super weapons but I'll definitely be changing that around in UT3 with the new looks and effects of the redeemer(expect me to be using that awesome **** alot).

    As for timing items... You cant really stop this method if thats what you were implying, someone in another forum suggested random times. But certainly that'd cause more havoc then having a specific time, and it'd ultimately make it more confusing for new comers if the time were random then if it were just a specific time.

    I've always loved to time powerups using the in game clock, for me its been the easiest way to do it. There have been times where I've timed a powerup by gut feeling incase I accidentally lost track of time, but thats not usually the case.


      No no... I'm not imply timing should be stopped...

      I don't bother. I just like to go with the flow. I have no interest in getting better beyond the general you get better as you play more.

      I understand how timing pickups is advantageous... more power to you.

      I was just thinking about the arguments some people put forth for not liking/wanting superweapons in a serious match, and thinking that keeping the superweapon out of the hands of your opponent seems to require more skill, not less...

      I don't really want to have that argument here either... I just want some numbers...