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    The Settings.

    I'm a bit worried here. i dont know if some of you have played games like Battlefield 2 or Counter strike. but wouldnt it be good if we have Settings like Anti aliasing, bloom, bumpmapping, Vsync, high quality Effects. and stuff like thatl.

    because i know. all that Bumpmapping and Bloom. really Kills performance on some computers. especially low spec computers like mine.

    What do you think. would these options be of more help to you?

    specify which Settings you would like to change in the game.

    Also. Which version of pixelshader 2 will UT3 be using. like 2b?

    Doesn't matter for me, i'll build my computer after UT3's requirements, not the other way arround.
    Besides i'm sure the "pro" players will find a way to make UT3 look like UT99 by disabling everything, so those settings will most likely be available.


      u can always turn it off :P


        I'm assuming we'll be able to turn bloom off.
        Anti-aliasing needs to be configured outside of the game in UT2004, and it's off by default.