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Should the Hoverboard be a weapon?

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    Originally posted by Boksha View Post
    No worries. Notice the "used to".
    IIRC some Epic guy already said most of the offensive capabilities of the board have been removed.
    But, to be more plausible, I hope that, when I'll hit (while on the hoverboard) someone on foot, at least both fall and loose 1 health point.


      I agree it should not be a weapon but I think you should be able to fire off it.


      (If it was used as a weapon however lol it would be funny to see somone *SKATE _ JUMP OFF_ THEN the skate board goes into the persons body :0


        Are you really surprised?

        Originally posted by intentsly View Post
        If I were the one who came up with the idea, perhaps the insult would bother me. I am not, so whatever. I created this thread to get it out of another thread, that seems plagued by this discussion.
        *(the discussion in question had nothing to do with the topic)...
        Originally posted by Jonny View Post
        Yes i do, which is why im suprised this thread exists - guess people missed that info. I cant be bothered to look it up but they basically said that earlier in development they made it so you could kill people with the hoverboard. However this lead to people switching to the HB when they met, both trying to chop the others heads off and not fight. Seeing as the whole point of the HB was to get INTO the action and not be used in the action itself, they scrapped this idea.

        However as Boksha just reminded me, i think the grapple beam can be used to saber people in two.
        You guessed right, I hadn't paid it close attention. Only because I could care less. I started this thread for the reason stated above...

        *added that part


          Leave it how it is..