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UT3 playable at Leipzig Games Convention

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    Originally posted by corax View Post
    what about shock rifle primary? is it fast as 2k4?
    sorry, dont remember the firerate i know it is very fast in ut2k4 compared to ut99. havnt noticed anythink special about it


      Originally posted by »madMar†y» View Post
      I just watched the vid again and I noticed some orange plasma bolts, though I'm not sure wheter that vehicle I saw really is the Scavenger...quality of that vid is pretty poor (probably recorded with a mobile phone)...Best shot I can take of it (around 1:48)
      Bad pic, so can't tell... It's the vehicle inside the red sphere seen in the last trailer. It looks like a spider in it's normal form (no red sphere here).

      Originally posted by Snafu
      Install an upgrade?
      Yeah, that was weird. If you wanted to use the self destruct mode, there was only a message displayed saying "The self destruct mode is not functionable, upgrade needed". Maybe it just meant, that Epic didn't include it for this demo. xD'


        We know that vehichles are upgradeable. We've seen mantas with miniguns, and I guess to get destructing scorps, you need to have won a series of battles in singleplayer. OIn multiplayer..... we don't know? Server or map dependent, or is warfare a real war rather than a battle??

        We'll see..