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    This isn't a fashion show.
    Actually I wouldn't be too sure of that, after all, it is a tournament, not a war.

    Looking stylish and intimidating would make your fans like you more thus giving your sponsor more money & ****, and possibly other benefits (like being a flat-out superstar.)

    Outside of the fans and money, intimidation is a very powerful weapon. If you have huge shoulder spikes with skulls on them and wolverine esq. claws on your gloves people are gonna know you mean business, and maybe be afraid.

    Then again if you wear a T-Shirt and jeans people are gonna say "Lol Nali!" and jump in ready to pwn you.

    I don't really care though, they look bulky, so what, it's over-the-top and that's what Unreal should be.

    I'm still ****** @ the lack of Gen Mo'Kai, though. Apparently no one likes originality anymore.