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I hope vehicles do NOT play a major role in UTIII

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    I can't understand why people dislike the vehicles, they add a really big element to the gameplay. If you feel like narrowing your choices, you can always play without them, as others have said. If you don't like the maps they ship with the game, then you'll enjoy playing custom maps.

    UT3 will have something for everyone!


      Originally posted by SKaREO View Post
      I can't understand why people dislike the vehicles, they add a really big element to the gameplay. If you feel like being narrow, you can always play without them, as others have said. If you don't like the maps they ship with the game, then you'll enjoy playing custom maps.

      UT3 will have something for everyone!
      Well some people could say: If I would like to... (ride the vehicles) I would play... (battlefield2)
      It's only about what do most players expect.



        The main topic of this thread is vehicle play, so i have a few of my own comments and questions. Firstly, like i have said in previous threads, i have never played this series before and i am a PS3 user and plan on only getting it for the ps3. However i have played many games on the pc before and many fps with vehicles. The game that most closely resembles what i think this game will play like is Halo, so that is what back knowledge that should be known about me and this post.

        I personally like the idea of vehicles in the game. It looks like many of the vehicles are air born which brings a different element to most games. The maps look huge and looks like they need to have some sort of vehicle transportation in order to better be apart of the game. Also, with there being 18 different vehicles, it is very likely that they will each serve their own purpose. What i mean by this is that they won't be too intrusive on the actual gameplay. Also, it seems that they won't be as strong as we might expect. Obviously they will be points of attack for the defense and points that needed to be protected but from what i have seen, they also need infantry support. So as one of the vehicles can hold five people, if it is fully loaded, it is very important then. So it might take another five people walking beside it to fully protect the unit. If there are only one person driving it and nobody wants to ride in it because the defensive turrets on it aren't strong then 10 people might want to walk beside it. This is of course is if the game will support a 64 players.

        I have heard both, the online play is 64 players or is it 40 players. Either one is a huge number anyways but i would prefer it to be 64 players because it allows more strategy.

        Back to the topic again, If it weren't for the vehicles then everybody would be running around and just killing people, there would be no excitement in that because you wouldn't have a chance to live. The vehicles add a new element that allows for mobile protection and destruction. Both sides can use them equally and it allows for fair play.

        Also from what i understand, the vehicles are earned throughout acheivements, Something about a orb that you have to bring to a certain point. If this is true, then the beginning of the game will be sort of like a arena until someone brings this orb back. It is a just reward. However, The vehicles will have to bring an advantage to the field and a disadvantage because if it were only an advantage then the other team wouldn't be able to get their orb because they weren't able to before. Some ehicles might need more then one person to operate effectively which brings another person that might have a weapon off the field. What i mean by this is that theoritically two people might do better with their own two weapons instead of four people on one vehicle with maybe 3 weapons. If you understand. My point for the vehicles is that there are their advantages and disadvantages. For the one person vehicles, those would cause the most problems because they are obviously stronger then a normal health bar and their weapons are probablly more versitile, then they can jump out at any time and they still have their own health bar.

        Instead of the worrying of what an important role the vehicles will be, maybe we should be looking at each vehicles advantages and disadvantages and weighing them out. It would be nice, or helpful to get a better picture if we could have the statistics of the vehicles at hand so as to gain a better picture of their strengths.

        An idea that i have been playing in the back of my mind and might be appropriate here, is there a vehicle that has multi environment use. For instance, can a ground unit go to air, air become a stationary fort, ground hover above water, or ground become something entirely different under water. I don't want them to transform like the movie in transformers, but it would be nice for the vehicles to have a secondary purpose. Say for instance you have 3-7 air flying things. Their secondayr option would be to land and become an defensive or offensive turret, they would have the same firing but because they are now on the ground they are immobile and to counter that, their defense or armor is enhanced. Something along these lines would be very cool. These are my thoughts, ideas, questions, some of which might not make sense but if you can make sense of them, please post back or send me a pm.


          Well thought out post.

          I will say this, while you might think FPS games without vehicles are not fun, many of us love the thrill of combat without dealing with the cumbersome nature of vehicles. They're a good thing in some gametypes, bad in others.

          Fortunately I think CTF is one of the gametypes that vehicles are both good in, and can also not be required. So this is a win-win situation for us since we can play CTF either way.


            Every gametype is playable with or without vehicles. It depends on the map. I've played a few great no-vehicle ONS maps (ONS-Draor, for example).


              Originally posted by Mort_Q View Post
              There is something for everyone. If you don't like vehicles, play DM or CTF.
              In UT2004, a good map maker will make room for both vehicles and infantry ground-pounders.