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Will UT3 Demo be released? - > please read msg

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    Will UT3 Demo be released? - > please read msg

    Will The demo be released prior to the official registered version slated for sometime in november?

    I dont care about a date.. irrelevant.

    I Only care because of OBVIOUS reasons. Anyone with a PC will be d/l ing the bloody thing to see if they need to make hardware upgrades in order to be proficient at playing it.

    I heard this very idea was going to be the case back in 2006 or was it 2005?

    Obviously releasing a demo would help facilitate patch upgrades sooner, and give those wanting to know more a clear heads up, so....

    Is the RuMoR still true about a pre release demo>?

    Speculation not needed - Epic staff much appreciated.

    in fact, if the demo is being released prior to the official release, a sticky saying as much (without a date!) would be a huge boost in moral for the pc gamer!


    The demo is for Epic a test to see if their netcode works. They can never test it at the scale that we play on. If something appears to be wrong, then they can fix it before the real game is released.

    So yes, they're very likely to release the demo before the real game is.

    My question: how long was the UT2004 demo released before the real game?


      They already said there will be a demo. Don't know if you need another official statement by EPIC ppl.


        Epic has put out a demo of every incarnation of UT prior to the release of the full game. They've announced that there will be a demo.

        We'll get our grubby little mitts on a demo some weeks before the game hits the shelves. If past patterns hold, there'll probably be 3-4 maps included, with one for each gametype.


          It was said that approximately a month before the game release there will be a tech version sent to hardware vendors, so that they can tweak drivers and a little later there will be a beta-demo.


            Yes, there will be a demo before release.