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So UT3 on PC or PS3 (or 360)?

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    PC is best, no exceptions

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  • started a topic So UT3 on PC or PS3 (or 360)?

    So UT3 on PC or PS3 (or 360)?

    what would you choose? (assuming both get released at same time). Also what if PC UT3 comes like 3-4 weeks after the PS3 release?

    points to consider
    - keyboard/mouse vs controller
    - PS3 more powerful than many PCs (assuming valve survey was true)
    - High end PCs more powerful than PS3 but cost much more than PS3
    - Ageia and DX10 only on PC but with premium
    - not everyone is rich
    - newcomers to the game
    - not everyone will be playing it competitively