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Canister Gun + AVRiL = SpiderMines ??

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    Canister Gun + AVRiL = SpiderMines ??

    In the GameSpot Interview, it was said, that you can guide the SpiderMines with the AVRiL´s Targeting Laser.

    This makes me think about some theories:
    - The Canister Gun is Grenades as primary and SpiderMies as secondary fire. The TargetingLaser of the old MineLayer is no more, as well as the Sticky Grenades
    - The AVRiL has some square-formed arms and some mechanics wich do not seem to have any use. Maybe it is a Spider-Mine Laucher, too.
    - The Canister Gun, as well as the AVRiL appear in both Vehicular Maps only.
    - The Canister Gun also appears in DM/CTF-Maps without Vehicles but cannot be guides for balancing issues.

    I think the combinations of two or more weapons is a bad idea, unless it is a consequently appearing game-feature.
    Because you have to find or earn the AVRiL bevore you can use SpiderMines as they used to be.
    How about this: If you fire SpiderMines and hold the button down, the Spideys follow the Canister Guns TargetLaser untill you stop holding. If you failed bringing them into the right position, you can still guide them with the AVRiL later.

    Thinking about target paintig, i had some Idea: There will be a TargetPainter in game as a level-bease super weapon activator. Maybe it could also be used as a TeamTargetPainter, wich guides any guidable weapon from the team, wich is at range. So one player can target a DarkWalker and ten others fire SpiderMines and AVRiLs at it.

    A Team Target Painter would indeed be an awesome superweapon, considering the firepower that would hit whatever was targeted. An interesting idea.