I had a PS3, but sold it and bought myself and my brother a Wii (great console, BTW) since at the time there were no good games warranting the price.

However, with the price cut and with UT3 coming out for the PS3 with more freedom than most other games, the PS3 is once again looking like a feasible alternative to my PC. It'd be great, if in fact there's cross platform play with the PS3, to have both the PC and PS3 available, so whenever friends are over we can play it PS3 vs PC easily.

As a result, UT3 on the PS3 will be able to download modded game content from the PC version of the game and instantly implement this content on the PS3 via memory stick. But PS3 owners won't even have to use their PC if they don't want to; players will be able to navigate to UT3 sites, downloading and uploading content at will.

So I'd just like to say, THANKS Epic for being "cross platform happy."