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wheres ut3?

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    Flipping ****** before I was blaming the PC Release of UT3 on the fuggin consoles, but its quite obvious some of the blame can ONCE again be shifted over to Gears of War...before it was the Console version, now its the PC Version of Gears of War that causing problems.

    I base that little rant of mine on nothing other than reading tea leaves.

    SINCE EPIC barely communicates on their own forums, and since there are no microphones or press interviews around here, or little magazine Podcasts to bump up the big dollars M$ sends Epic's way before the big announcement oh no so many problems with Games for Windows live we at Epic have so many concerns.....well fast forward M$ E3 conference who shows up but Little Hollywood C. Oh noes little magazine podcast was a waste of time for the gamer to listen to since Little Hollywood C says enjoy Gears of War for the PC on XP and Vista.

    ///AngryGumball venting about the lack of info about PC UT3 and lack of ability to install and just shut up and play.


      I'll be at church at 7:30pm EST.

      Oh well, I'm sure some site will have all the info (like here or BuF).