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    feature request for online play

    I hope unreal tournament 3 provides a method of matching players with others at a similar skill level. I'd really enjoy playing more online, but I can't compete with the players online. It's just no fun. Maybe the greatest feature of unreal tournament is completely inaccessible to me.

    Since there is already a stats system in place, I wonder why it can't be used to stratify the matches according to players' skill. Doesn't it make sense for players to earn their way into more competitive matches?

    I can't understand why this has never been addressed before. I don't see what would be sacrificed for the elite players of unreal tournament if the online play supported players of all levels. I'll bet it would work to everyone's advantage by drawing more players, increasing the competitveness at every level.

    Thanks for supporting freebsd via linux and for considering this feedback.

    no matter what you do u will get your *** raped. Ut since the beginning has been a trial by fire game. The single players is your means of learning the game and getting used to the eliments of it

    Heres the stratigy. Kill or be killed.
    But that might be a problem. What if your already a expert and your on a new name, u just rape the noobs since you have no statistics under that name.

    Of if someone wants to be a ****, lol make a new name, rape laugh and then switch back over after. This happends a lot in command and conquer 3.


      The vast majority of servers is full of low-skilled players, perhaps with 1 or 2 more skilled at the top of the score boards everytime.

      Occassionally ye, you will stumble into a server full of very highly skilled players, and it will start to get annoying that you're dying within a couple of seconds each fight.

      At the end of the day it just comes down to the fact you need to start shooting back, and predict what they're gonna do.


        He is absolutely correct. Having some servers cater just for novices is critical. However good the single player game is, dealing with sneaky and experienced real players is something different.

        I learnt the game using the UT2004 demo. All the vehicles were new, and we were all pretty much in the same boat. We'd fire deemers onto the wrong nodes, into tanks, went for a wander around the map, and it was fine. There is nowhere online that you can do that now. That space to make mistakes is needed, and a system of stopping experienced players from joining.

        20h use per CD key, for example would be one way.