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Should UT3 be a DVD only release -- who wants to install off of 10 CDs?

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    Should UT3 be a DVD only release -- who wants to install off of 10 CDs?

    Should UT3 be a DVD-only release or should it also be released on (a bunch) of CDs?

    Quite frankly, I'm tired of having to insert and eject 6 CDs every time I want to reinstall the game, so I hope that it's a DVD only release (without their charging an extra $20 to get the game on DVD).

    i think there could be a DVD and a CD version, but for the hardware requirements of ut3, the whole computer should have a DVD-drive. It will at least have a DVD-release for sure


      more cds=more money

      but aslo when u install dvd games they are a little slower than if they were on lets say 5 disks


        ermh no dude
        cost of 6 cds < 1dvd


          Dvd &gt; Cd

          There's no reasonable excuse whatsoever to stick with CDs. They're out-dated, annoying to use and a pain to store in the vast quantities that'll be required for a game like UT3.

          If it's on CD, then someone at Epic/Midway are being tight-fisted...


            I don't think UT3 should even be on CD's, the games already been said its 30 gigs uncompressed and its unfinished. My estimate on how large it'll be when compressed and finished will most likely be 10 to 15 gigs.
            At any rate I think were looking at either 1 double layered dvd(8 gigs) or 2 double layered dvds(16 gigs).

            CD's are completely out of the question.


              Who friggin' cares.. !!

              DVD is prolly the most likely storage item to ship it with.. Hell.. if it takes any longer it'll be shipped on blue-ray

              When looking at the requirements for robosomething.. DVD is one of the least worries to meet those.

              Why ask about CD's.. for old times sake.. let's have a floppy version as well....