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UT3 Dileup Frendly?

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    Originally posted by Boksha View Post
    Actually that's often just the result of bad or lazy programming.
    This is quite true, however it still does not make it valid to continue to scale net code to dial up levels. Considering a very large majority of gamers already have broadband, the games should be made assuming the client has an entry level broadband connection.
    WOW: Burning Crusade(8.5million subscribers) and XB live requires broadband, that alone should be enough to get an idea. I also don't know a single person on dial up that enjoys using it for games even with the option there they usally prefer to play offline.

    BTW the gamespy charts are so off its not even worth mentioning.


      Originally posted by RoadKillGrill View Post
      BTW the gamespy charts are so off its not even worth mentioning.
      As far as I know they're off for UT2004 only. I only mentioned them because I needed a list of other popular FPS games quickly though, so accuracy really isn't an issue.


        I'm sorry, did you say Dial-Up, What's That?
        Don't give em more work to do> It's 2007, not 1987. I wanna play UT3 before I die.


          >I have dial-up and I can't get anything better. Just throwing that out :<


            Originally posted by RoadKillGrill View Post
            As it stands i do not know how a dial up person could play ut2004 with all the mods on many of the servers, it takes 15 minutes on my 2mb connection to try some new servers.
            15 mins?

            I guess the servers you visit are run by incompetent admins who can't even set up a redirect server?


              Originally posted by JohnDoe641 View Post
              15 mins?

              I guess the servers you visit are run by incompetent admins who can't even set up a redirect server?
              Your right, but I don't know that when i first try to connect. When there 8 skins 7 voice packs and 20 zound packages even a good redirect is begging for mercy.

              I like to try new things but some servers are full of so much junk thats there nearly imposable to connect to them to even try them.


                Originally posted by T-6000 View Post
                Ouch, sorry to hear about you stuck with Dialup. Can you somehow switch to DSL? I know my internet company diddn't provide me with affordable DSL until last year, which IMHO *should* have been offered back at 2003 or
                2004. But oh well, better late than never. If you can't switch to DSL and stuck with Dial-Up, then the best way to combat LAG is to turn down some stuff in UT3. But when I use to have Dial-up, when my brother played through FPS games online, he tried turning some graphics down but his games still lagged a bit. It helped but not too much. So the best that I can reccomend is turning down some of the graphics, but that may not help much. The best option, IMHO, is to try to get affordable DSL from your provider. If they don't demand for it or try switching to another provider.
                I have Calivialr and they will never have dsl in my area becouse our phone lines are so old. and the other providers want $40 for phoneline and $60 for dsl. and brodban $150` (a month for all)


                  The problem with making a modern game work well on dial-up is that that severely limites the amount of info that the programmers can toss to and fro during a second of network traffic.

                  Which means that to make things fair between dial-up and broadband users, they would need to severely limit the amount of stuff on broadband as well.

                  Which means that the game can't cope with large amounts of players, vehicles and ammunition going to and fro during a large map.

                  Which limits the possibilities for engaging, chaotic, in-your-face gameplay for the game.

                  To me, asking "Will Epic make UT3 also work well on dial-up" is akin to "I have only a TNT2-M64, will Epic make UT3 work well on that ?" ..



                    Stop worrying about it

                    Vipes started this thread, he'll forget how to breathe soon, slip into a coma, and you won't have to read another one of his posts for a year or so

                    Epic should concern themselves with the lower end systems, but they shouldn't have to go THAT low


                      Nonetheless having small bandwidth usage will speed the game up for broadband users as well.


                        Playing online with dial-up and staring a game descently.. not a chance...

                        Try something with sattelite internet or something...

                        You are not gonna keep up with Corvettes or maybe even Chevelles driving a T-Ford.. sorry...


                          Sattalites terrible, it's almost as bad as 56k


                            don't we wish that some men in black suits would come to our house and give us a good E3 connection??

                            Would Be nice....

                            I am stuck on dialup for the moment [ the exclusive reason i only play SP ]

                            and i don't know if internet multiplayer is worth it from all the things i hear about playing w/ humans.... complaining, whining, rage.... makes them seem like little kids.... although i will probably try it out just to get my $'s worth.

                            just a quick Q : if you use dial-up speed with DSL is it any smoother?


                              Originally posted by Lord Vipes View Post
                              I have a slow conncetion, (Dileup) and probley thats all ill ever have, and i like UT3 so can you play UT3 online with dileup like you can with UT2004?

                              I'd say you'll have zero chance to get a satisfying experience over dialup connection.

                              I'd be suprised as all heck to even see an Epic employee say they even tested this over dialup. In any way shape or form.