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Will there be alot of info on UT3 at E3 '07?

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    Originally posted by CrankyTulip View Post
    bleh... If the choices were available, I'd much rather buy a *REAL*(100% Epic-made, very similar to Unreal, and completely unlike Unreal 2) Unreal 3 than a UT3, because an 'Unreal' has so much more in it than a 'UT'(imo), because it has a huge SP, coop, AND MP. I feel Unreal has more "personality" to it because of the lenghy SP, compared to UT, which hardly has any real story at all. But of course, we all know that UT3 has SP, coop, and MP, but I would personally much rather have the game built around 'Unreal', with MP added, rather than 'UT', with SP added...but we'll just see how Unreal-like this SP is, heh. :P I imagine the modding & mapping community will quadruple(at least), just because of SP(+coop) being added...I know that's one big thing I'm looking forward to mapping for!
    Could not actually disagree more, games dedicated to MP as opposed to SP have far far more to them, simply because you're forever wanting to increase your skill to beat others, thus you are forever playing it. I can't actually buy 'dedicated-to-SP' games anymore because of that, just doesn't feel worth the money in comparison. That, and I don't find playing vs a computer entertaining.