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IDEA: Don LaFontaine optional Announcer

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    Originally posted by Bersy View Post
    Samuel Jackson ftw:

    Well I'll be damned! That was no sissy-*** double kill.. THAT was a muthafuggin MONSTA kill!

    I'll give y'all til the count of 10 to get yo b*tch *** into the next map or I'll bust a cap in yo ***! 10.. 9.. 8.. *sound of a hammer cocking*
    lmao that would be wicked - with a bit of shaft music on the side! Or for comedy value maby a voice from one of the family characters, or even Ollie Williams the weather forecaster ^^

    "Blu flag bin taken!" "It's rainin' sideways!"


      Originally posted by Jrubzjeknf View Post
      I definitely liked the UT1/'99 announcer. I don't want a sports announcer, nor an announcer that has his voice ditigally altered to sound 'dark'. Atm I'm using Sexy, because there's no proper alternative.
      I liked the original announcer from '99, there was just something amusing and satisfying about the way he said "head shot!"


        I always liked Duke nuke 'em..

        It's time to kick *** and chew gum... And I'm all out of gum..

        Eat ****, and die!..

        Blow it out your ***!

        I rip your head off, and **** down your neck!

        well, could be used for taunts

        But seriously, a nice deep voice..


          Only the UT1 announcer has the balls for the job. :up:


            I'd like to have an announcer voiced by George Lowe AKA Space Ghost.


              I would like to hear Vincent Price's voice as announcer... the voice at the end of Michael Jackson's Thriller



                Originally posted by SweetTooth View Post
                as long as the CLASSIC UT announcer is in im happy. i never liked the UT 2003 style
                Yep, as long as it's complete unlike it was in UT2004. Veerry annoying listening to another (lame) voice half the time.


                  RIP Don...


                    the announcer for unreal on the xbox is my favorite.