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what kind of systems will you guys have?

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    Actually, having said that it might just not be reporting the extra GB.

    If you are running 32-bit Windows, you must live with it. You will not ever see all 4GB of RAM you've paid for.

    If you are running 64-bit Windows, you may have to live with it. Depending on your motherboard's chipset, your system may support memory remapping. If so, you will be able to use all 4GB of RAM.

    Due to an architectural decision made long ago, if you have 4GB of physical RAM installed, Windows is only able to report a portion of the physical 4GB of RAM (ranges from ~2.75GB to 3.5GB depending on the devices installed, motherboard's chipset & BIOS).

    This behavior is due to "memory mapped IO reservations". Those reservations overlay the physical address space and mask out those physical addresses so that they cannot be used for working memory. This is independent of the OS running on the machine.


      AMD Athlon64 X2 5200+
      MSI K9N-F2 SLI
      4x1024Gb 667Mhz Patriot DDR2
      MSI GeForce 8800GTX
      2x320Gb WD3200KS (SATA)
      Onboard Realtek HD Audio
      FSP FX700-GLN 700w PSU
      Windows XP64 SP1

      Later may be will upgrade the CPU to one of the K10 series.


        Originally posted by T-6000 View Post
        Pentium Core 2 Duo "Conroe" 2.4 GHZ
        Hehe, I think you meant "Intel Core 2 Duo".

        I'd like to see how much of a performance increase UT3 will receive from quad-core processors and in DX10 with Vista. I'm confident EPIC will optimize the game to provide a significant boost and in that case I'd probably get one of the new Intel Penryn quad-cores based on the 45nm process (more speed, less power draw) coming in the fall. I'd also be interested in purchasing a video card from the new Nvidia 8900 series which should be coming out soon too.

        In any case, I'll probably get a top of the line system when the initial prices for this hardware drops to acceptable levels. Hopefully, just in time for UT3.


          Asus P5B / Intel E6600 / Raptor 150g
          Lian Li V1200 / 2gb PNY / Hiper 580w
          7900GS / Dinovo / 20" Dell w/s tft
          2x500gb sata][ / DeathAdder


            Waiting for my current system to fail or I find a situation that I need faster for work. Have about 4k saved for the next system. Other then having over 3 TB of hard drive storage the rest is undetermined. Want to get into HD video editing, need space (-_-).


              Same thing in my sig, possible upgrade to 8600gt or higher.


                AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+@2.8Ghz
                Corsair 2 Gb DDR-II pc-6400
                XFX 8800GTS 320 mb

                it is not very powerfull, anyway... but i think i can play ut3 on this machine /^_^\

                All i want is second 8800, 4 gb of memory, antec 900, 700 watt power supply ( or greater ) and second widescreen monitor may be


                  70% of all the people here have a 8800. Boohoo for me. BTW just news for all that were a testing their ATI cards on the Lost planet demo that benchmark would not be proper. ATI has not enhanced their drivers for the DX9 and DX10 versions of Lost planet where as Nvidia has. So the nvidia dudes have the actual things but ATI dudes will have low fps compared to normal.


                    Originally posted by durtytarget
                    70% of all the people here have a 8800.

                    Yes, with caps


                      Gateway FX530XM (on order/backorder)
                      - 2.40GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 4M Cache
                      - Intel 975X w/10/100/1000 Intel Integrated LAN
                      - Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit
                      - 2048MB Memory
                      - 500GB Hard Drive 8MB Cache (2x250GB drives)
                      - 48x/32x/48x CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive
                      - 16x Double-Layer Multi-Format DVD Writer DVD+-/R+-RW/CD-R/RW
                      - 768MB Nvidia 8800GTX Graphics (Factory Overclocked)
                      - Gateway 22" Widescreen High Definition LCD Display
                      - TV Tuner Asus/ViXS Combo-210E NTSC/ATSC
                      - Sound Blaster X-FI PCI Card
                      - Logitech X-230 2.1 32 watt Speakers w/Subwoofer


                        Central Processing Unit:
                        - Core2 Duo E6600+

                        - 2048MB DDR2 Kingston

                        Hard Drive:
                        - 2x 320GB 16MB Cache

                        - Asus P5B Deluxe

                        Graphics Processing Unit:
                        - PCI Geforce 7950 GT Graphics

                        - Enermax Liberty 500 Watt
                        - Arctic Freezer 7 Pro

                        - Eizo 21" Standard Monitor (from Dornier Luftfahrt)


                        - EverTech 5.25" PL5.25

                        Disk Drive:
                        - DVR Pioneer DVR-111 8x DL 16x DVD+/-

                        - Logitech G3 Laser Mouse
                        - Cherry G83-6000 Keyboard

                        - Sennheiser PC 161 Head Set (has already seen brutal combat use)
                        - Trust SC-5100 5.1 Surround

                        Surely not the best computer here but surely enough to play UT3 and make my mod, for further information look in the forums:


                          You guys have it all figured out huh?
                          I'd rather wait and see what cool crud's available on the game's release. And then I'll probably be buying the stuff listed in this thread because the prices dropped.


                            AMD 3700+ single core
                            1gb corsair xms ram (will upgrade to 2 or 3gb)
                            8800GTS 320mb

                            I was quite lucky, my x850xt graphics card broke under warranty - got a full refund of £170! 8800GTS super clocked was only £205 - awesome upgrade.
                            Processor seems to be fine, and found it overclocks easy from 2.2ghz to 2.7ghz for an extra boost when I need it.


                              Just ordered a Core 2 Duo e6700 the other day. I'm hoping to get hold of an ASRock 4CoreDX90-VSTA to put it in, just to be weird. They aren't generally available in the US but we'll see. I'll try that with my current memory, 2gb of Corsair DDR 400 in dual channel, and my existing video card, an ATI x1900. If that performs half ok I might keep it awhile. I'm sure I will upgrade to something with DDR2 memory either way, sooner or later.


                                Windows Vista 64-bit
                                Intel Core 2 E6600
                                Nvidia 8800GTX
                                OCZ 2GB dual channel DDR2 800MHz RAM
                                Gigabyte DS3 (965P chipset) motherboard (I love my 3 PCI slots )
                                320GB of disk space (2 160GB set in RAID 0 (stripe))
                                Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic
                                Tagan 580W power supply

                                By UT3 I will:
                                Probably add another 2GB of RAM
                                Get a PhysX card (regardless that I won't be buying many other games that support it )
                                Possibly do a bit a of overclocking on my processor