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    >If your going to go AFK on a server, go into spec mode.


      Originally posted by da.newb View Post
      That's why I like VOIP. More human feeling, easier to communicate, easier to talk and still kill. Me gusta VOIP.
      Yeah I guess you got a point, Im sure there would be people in there just talking over everyone else though and those 5 players would still be standing around in a circle in a hiding spot doing taunts in each others directions

      If you go spec you loose your spot so that could have alot to do with it especially during peak hours.


        Originally posted by Defeat View Post
        >If your going to go AFK on a server, go into spec mode.
        Or face a BAN on the servers I am admin for... mercy for those that keep slots occupied for nothing.


          Originally posted by Hedge-o-Matic View Post
          I think the Titan people are a good example of how to do things right. The only online game I played was Titan, and it felt like the good old days.
          That's really good to hear. Keith at Titan set up his servers with exactly this aim and has tried to appoint admins who will do what they can to ensure that the servers are fun places to be.

          There are a few communities that come to mind which have similar aims - Cain's Lair and Slaughter's Place in the states, the UIE servers in Ireland, the FnG clan (Fun and Games) are the ones which spring to mind.

          If you can find places that are fun then spread the word - get yourself involved and see what you personally can do to make things even better.

          I played at Cain's Lair at 120 to 130 ping for 6 months purely because the server was a great place to play, there was a community feeling, the asshats got banned, there was a community forum where people could chat out of the game.

          When Keith set up the Titan servers he gave me a shout and I was most happy to donate time and effort to help him get something that was to be run in a similar way with similar goals. Since then many hundreds of hours have been spent developing background monitoring systems, logging, admin addins to the game, for web based administration, maintaining community forums, as well as having admin coverage across all 6 servers nearly all the time.

          I really don't think that Epic can do anything to help you find "Fun servers" - you need to keep looking and when you find one treasure it, do what you can to make it better by your actions there and see what you can do to help out the community.


            >Well put Piglet.


              Originally posted by Flynn_Flak View Post
              It's Wednesday night around 9:30. Wife and kids are in bed, I've got a few hours to kill on the net, none of my buds are online but I'm in the mood for a little fraggin'. I fire up UT and scroll through the list of just for fun servers to find a game type that sounds fun. I pick one from the list and join the game. "Hey everyone, how's it going tonight?" "Going good Flynn, welcome aboard." "Excellent, fresh meat for my rockets. Glad to have ya Flynn." "Yeah, watch out for Blaster's rockets, he's been on a roll." Yadda yadda yadda, point being, people who are playing just for fun have enough time to take a few seconds to acknowledge someone new has entered and welcome them.[/I]

              In the 7 or 8 years I've been playing UT I have never joined a server where everyone acts like that. Unless it's a clan function... maybe you need to join a clan. Spend your time playing with other like minded people and once they know you they'll acknoledge your presence.


                Oh, and you might want to try RA for UT99... Lots of people chatting when you're waiting for your turn.