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UT3 featuring an official 1vs1 (Duel/Tournament) Gamemode???

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    Originally posted by Boksha View Post
    Rankin and Compressed are NOT hitscan friendly, nor are maps like Lea and Ironic.
    Actually if you look at that list it does make you wonder why there is sniper weapons on all of those maps, not sure about Lea is that custom? But even Gael has a lighting gun which could have been replaced with a minigun easily enough, dunno if it would play any better. While those maps not be entirely hitscan friendly they still have all your hitscan needs which to me is the most annoying thing. Basically the first weapons someone will put in a map are a lightning gun and a shock followed up with a flak and link gun or two if they are looking at TDM.

    Rankin, compressed and roughinery though are probably the biggest I would want to play 1on1 on, deck and grendel are alittle large and its easy to dominate one area and stay stacked. It is on rankin as well but I find myself dying alot while stacked even because once I got 150a the other person has had time to get the lightning gun and if they are good my 150a doesnt mean much, considering the shock is nearby timing doesnt mean a great deal unless theres adren and perhaps udam.

    Some maps play better as FFA though, some as 1on1 and others TDM, I think thats why Rankin is played so much is because it can cover all of those gametypes pretty well compared to others. I kinda think there should be a kind of limit to a map to what its made for instead of trying to make a good at all gametypes map they could be more specific with mappers setting custom weapon spawn times and setting up the power ups right etc. Then again some people might complain of inconsistency but I find things need to be tweaked towards the maps player counts to ensure a more fluid experience for any of the DM types. It might even be cool (after seeing a mut on buf) if you could set different spawn times based on the player counts so 1on1 could be shorter where FFA and TDM could be longer or short as well depending on what the mapper wants.

    Yeah I dunno hey, 1on1 just isnt big enough to split into its own neither is TDM and they all basically share the DM maps. I feel the merging of the CTF types was a good one so I dont think I could say split them up as much as I would like without sounding like a hypocrite

    I just feel balance is important especially across DM types, specifically the differences between FFA, TDM and 1on1. Then again there seems to be different balances between CTF with and without vehicles, namely the trans vs hoverboard or even warfare (ONS) where you get the Ons weapons so I dont see why the DM types shouldnt be any different in that respect. For eg the sniper might be better suited to FFA and TDM sized maps but not 1on1 (unless like I said earlier the map was specifically designed for sniper vs sniper) so there could be a way to make it so mappers could tweak things up easier for each of the sub gametypes which might be played on a given map kinda like CTF. Then again the 1on1 tag worked to some extent but it was hardly spot on with maps without the tag still playing good in 1on1. I dunno its not exactly easy hehe


      Originally posted by Boksha View Post
      It's still point and click. If you want that kind of gameplay, CS is perfect for you.
      Cs is not "point and click". It's more like point, click, hold down, crouch, make a prediction about the spray pattern of your gun, change aim accordingly, hide, reload, call for backup, plant bomb, defend bomb, listen for footsteps, peek, point, click....

      NOTHING like hitscan in DM games. have you even played CS?


        Originally posted by jehjoa View Post
        Same thing with the weapon spawns. It's not hard to remember which weapons were picked up in the last 30 seconds, both by you and your opponent (you can hear what he picks up). If your opponent can successfully deny you some good weapons for more than a few "spawn cycles", you are just plain bad at 1on1 and should just keep playing on 16 player weaponstay on DM servers.

        Alternatively you could actually try to think while playing.
        Funny how people always pretend that I suck just because I say that it would be better in some other way. I'm actually pretty good in 1on1 but I just enjoy it much more without SS and DD. I also never talked or even complained about weaponstay off.

        Originally posted by jehjoa View Post
        Deathmatch is not about dealing as much damage as you can, or even killing other players. It's about staying alive. Killing other players is just another way of staying alive, like taking health and armor. Else it would be called killmatch or something. Staying alive means you have a lot of weapons, you spend less time searching for them because you died, so you have more time to get frags, which means more frags at the end of the match.

        Look, it's very obvious you don't understand how (or like to) play deathmatch. That's fine, there are mods available that should be played like the way you want. Go tryout out TAM or any of the other mods I mentioned. But don't change our beloved deathmatch!
        You seem to think in a strange way. Deathmatch IS about killing the most people. It's not the guy with less death that wins. Also you don't need every weapons on the map in order to kill someone when you're good with every single weapons (excluing AR, Shieldgun).

        What I play the most is DM but I played TAM a lot (also in match) for over a year and were very good in both. I just play much more agressively than most people.

        Originally posted by Defeat View Post
        >Actually LeTesteur I meant that as an argument against TWD was saying :0 And why are you playing Compressed and Grendel for 1v1s, those are never played anymore for tourneys because like you said, they are too hitscan based (well, compressed is meh). Usual 1v1 maps now are: Rankin, Ironic, Roughinery, Solitude, Backspace, and Reverse. Some are played more than others.
        I didn't said that I played those map in 1v1. I actualy hate them (mostly Grendel) but people don't just 1v1 in tourney. In public servers it's still very often those lame maps that are picken. Also Ranking and Roughinery ARE hitscan based maps. As for the 3 last one you named I never got to play in them on public servers. I know 1on1-Lea however and it's a pretty good custom map.

        Originally posted by MonsOlympus View Post
        But yeah pickups are a part of 1on1 personally I think a sniper weapon shouldnt be.
        Agree. 1vs1 wasn't mean to be played "Hit & Runaway" so snipers really don't have their place there. 1on1 fights are much more intensive and interesting at medium range and even more at close range than at far distance... with stuff that you can dodge/avoid. So the sniper and superweapons should automaticly be disabled in the 1v1 gametype, no matter the map.


          Originally posted by da ghost View Post
          have you even played CS?
          No. And I really don't care about all the things you just said, because they had nothing to do with my point.
          I suggest we keep this sort of stuff to the hitscan thread by the way.


            Originally posted by da ghost View Post
            Cs is not "point and click". It's more like point, click, hold down, crouch, make a prediction about the spray pattern of your gun

            NOTHING like hitscan in DM games. have you even played CS?
            All of CS weapons are hitscan guns besides gernades, this is to say if you have low ping.
            I have yet to see a game that actually purposly emulates leading, ping is the only reason why you would ever have to lead in a game such as CS.