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Overclocking in UT3? Please epic make it work this time!

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    I dont think there is anything Epic can do about the problems with overclocking the game as they are hardware issues. I mean its not a problem with the code, its a problem with the processing of the code.


      Yea... the code doesn't even know whether or not its overclocked. It executes commands and processes and sees how long it takes to get a finish code.


        UT2004 works perfectly with an overclocked PC, and is possibly one of the better stress testers out there.

        The reason for this is that UT2004 is processor bottlenecked. Stalker, and most other games are graphics card bottlenecked. So stalker will not run your processor at 100% use for hours at a time. Ut 2004 does, and if your PC is unstable, UT will crash it.

        How stable is Orthos stress testing on your PC? I find if orthos is stable for >24h, UT2004 is fine.

        UT3 is likely to be GPU bottlenecked, so an unstable PC is less likely to crash.

        But personally, I'd never use an overclocked PC that does not pass stability testing. You never know when data corruption might occur.

        If you notice, overclocking the graphics card has no impact on FPS in UT2004 at all if your card is better than a 9800 pro or so - with the exeption of when you zoom in and out.


          I forgot about gfx card, thats also OC. It's a Geforce 8800gts SuperClocked edition. I would have thought that would be stable being it's OC'd out of the box.
          I must admit Explorer has randomly been freezing and using 99% processor for seconds at a time just browsing windows. Other times it's fine.

          What's the best stability test? I'll give Orphos a try maybe.
          Otherwise I'll try lowering the clock speed when I want to play 2k4, only overclocked as stalker was really pushing my system, even with the nice gfx card.
          Hopefuly UT3 will be less picky than 2k4 was


            I'm running an E6300 (1.86ghz) at 2.8ghz... and UT2k4 works like a charm


              Well one of the most common reasons that over clocking crashes a system is due to inadequate/fluctuating power being supplied to your components. Most PS that come a case or prebuilt machine are just enough to get by and are the major cause of hardware failure. Don't risk frying your new $400 V-card because you can't afford another $100 for a PS. 2.0-2.7ghz plays everything just fine.



                is how to get hold of orthos.