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    Originally posted by Boksha View Post
    UT1 also had lowgrav instagib, last I checked, but yeah the whole Zoom Instagib thing was probably a bad idea. It opened the door to even more tiny changes in mutators and ended up as another example of how too much variety can be a bad thing.
    It sort of makes you wonder how epic could have missed the point so frickin badly with instagib in ut2. Regardless of whether it was ruined from the start by double-triple-wall-spiderman tricks and messed up model size etc, how the hell could they not have gotten the whole point about instagib ie. simplicity? Purity?

    UT99 style movement + 1shot1kill(not piercing) + 1 sec RoF...

    Atleast they now know to be very careful about what they make the standard and what they leave to the modders to add. Mixing zoom with instagib is as stupid as... Mixing xloc with instagib. I wonder if one was added to balance for the assumed existence of the other, in which case we have a battle of egg/chicken - or, more accurately, plague spore / rotting boil ridden corpse.


      they mistakenly thought that adding more to the mod would make it better.

      all they had to do was look at the popularity of iCTF on clanbase to see how enduringly good it is.
      the ladder still runs even after 7+ years.


        NO translocators in instagib lol, hate those, there r servers that allow them and most of the ppl playing there just use trans to get accross the map, wat kind of gameplay is that, if u got some skill all u have to do is kill the ppl in ur way! i never use zoom in any gametype, unless the victim is standing still, and im far and want to get a headshot lol

        also, i dont mind the ROF staying the same, as long as they dont make it slower!

        everything else is good to me lol


          Originally posted by Boksha View Post
          UT1 also had lowgrav instagib, last I checked.
          Most servers were just regular IG servers.. No low grav or extremely fast running speed.. Just good old IG.


            Never realy minded the weapon on its own, but never went looking specificly for the InstaGib only servers. To me there's nothing more satisfying then shooting a Redeemer in a room filled with 24 people or Flak someone from up close.


              For those of you who are wondering what UT3 InstaGib will look like still...

              EPIC might get mad at me for posting these, but they did include it in the demo and you can summon this weapon. It is alot better than the 2k4 InstGib in my opinion... The beam isn't so ***** and it goes alot better with the ut99 style. (Yes it will look better, everything is all the way on low because i can't afford a good card.)


                the beam looks pretty sweet, i must say. cant wait to summon an esr when i steal my friends computer again lol


                  The beam looks a lot more like the old iG beam, no pansy ut2k4 laser surgery beam, but back to the UT I blast you into little pieces with my big incineration blast, thats why you die instantly. Does it also make a better sound? Rather than the storm trooper PEW PEW of ut2004


                    Why did you dig up this thread from most likely 10 pages back?

                    Regardless, i was just reading it and i have to reiterate:

                    Originally posted by Magwa View Post
                    ASMD for the win i loved that thing with the gas port and vapors coming out the top...
                    Oh so good. Best model, design and imagination.