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Organize "junk" files from system folder

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    Organize "junk" files from system folder

    Many files are generate in system folder, especially if you have many muts/maps installed. Also when you connect to some servers, it generates language files.

    What if they located not in system folder, but in special Languages folder. After that , there should be directories for each language:

    English, (.int) French (.frt) etc

    2) Special folder for .ucl files
    They also junk system folder. About 33% in my folder are UCL files.

    Why this is needed: for more organization. When you need to find some file (to delete/move/copy etc) you should list through hundred of files - and it takes longer time.

    .u files should stay system folder

    If you know the exact name, you can type the beginning of the name of file, then the explorer marks it.


      Im not using IExplorer for file searching - only Total Commander.